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Comics Relief: Marvel’s THE INHUMANS Get A New Ongoing Title, IDW Buys TOP SHELF, & Geoff Johns Teases A Miracle

If it’s New Comic Book Day, then it must be time for Comics Relief! In today’s column, we’ve got rumors about a new (yet familiar) face taking on the red and black armor of Batman Beyond, news of a major comics publisher that just got even bigger, and writer Geoff Johns teases a possible new member of the Justice League. But first, Marvel is about to franchise out one of their oldest properties for the very first time…

Marvel Announces The Uncanny Inhumans For April

Everyone is suddenly so “Uncanny” these days; it used to just be the X-Men, but then the Avengers got all uncanny on us, and now it’s the Inhuman’s turn I guess. Now, Marvel has been positioning the Inhumans as the “next big thing” for awhile now-and with good reason: not only are they getting a movie of their own in 2018, but they are being referenced a teased heavily on Agents of SHIELD as well. Although Marvel made a major push with series like Inhumaity and Inhuman, now they are launching another new Inhumans series, with writer Charles Soule (She-Hulk, Superman/Wonder Woman) at the helm.

Steve McNiven, who worked with Charles Soule on last year’s The Death of Wolverine will be the series artist, starting with April’s #0 issue, and the series will focus on the head of the Royal Family, Black Bolt. The series will spin out of Inhuman #11 and #12. Inhuman will still continue, meaning that in 2015 the Inhumans will have two Marvel series while the Fantastic Four will have been canned. It’s a strange, new world. [Marvel press release]


Geoff Johns Teases A Miracle For The Justice League

Although super escape artist Mister Miracle, one of Jack Kirby’s creations for his Fourth World mythology for DC Comics, has been a regular part of the book Earth-2 for several months now, DC Comics CCO and Justice League writer Geoff Johns’ took to Instagram and teased out several old issues of Mr. Miracle as “reference.” Is Scott Free about to join the Justice League?  In the pre-New 52 continuity, Mister Miracle was an active member of Justice League International, but has never been a member of this incarnation of the team. Or, it’s possible that he’ll simply be making an appearance in the upcoming “Darkseid War” storyline? After all, Darkseid did raise Scott in the Fire Pits of Apokolips. Either as a member or a guest star, expect Scott Free to appear in  Justice League soon.

[Geoff Johns’ Instagram via Newsarama]

Reading reference tonight. @JasonFabok

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 IDW Buys Top Shelf Productions

IDW Publishing, the publisher behind many of the biggest licensed comics today including Star Trek, Ghostbusters, My Little Pony, Planet of the Apes and  Transformers, has acquired Top Shelf Productions, the comics publisher best known for literary works by authors such as Jeff Lemire, Craig Thompson, and many of the more modern writings of Alan Moore, like League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Lost Girls.

Top Shelf co-founder Chris Staros will remain with the company as editor-in-chief, and the publisher will retain its identity as an imprint of IDW. IDW Publisher Ted Adams, in a statement on their website, noted  “The acquisition of Top Shelf is a milestone for IDW. We looked a very long time for a company that would complement our own publishing line-up, and in Top Shelf we found the ideal match. The addition of Top Shelf’s library further positions IDW’s leadership role among the top powerhouses in comics.”  [Comics Alliance]


Star Wars #1 From Marvel Takes Another One For The Record Books

Marvel’s upcoming Star Wars #1 is about to become part of history; we’ve already reported news that the new first issue of Star Wars is the biggest selling comic book of the century, but it also looks to have more variant covers than any comic thus far. Right now rumor has it at over 100 covers! That’s one for the Guinness Book, that’s for sure. Anyone out there plan on tracking down all the variant covers? [Bleeding Cool]


Warren Ellis Teases Several New Projects For 2015

Writer Warren Ellis is going to be a busier man than usual in 2015. First off, there’s his new Image Comics series Injection, which will see him reuniting with his partners on Marvel’s Moon Knight, artists Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. Injection will arrive on May 13th. Ellis also has another new series in the works for this year with his Supreme: Blue Rose artist Tula Lotay.

“It will be announced, I am told, this summer; this thing, I’m going to have to write all in one go. I may even break a habit and write it in rough form in longhand first.” Say Ellis. “I have a ruled Field Notes notebook with wooden covers that may be the exact book to write it in. It’s a very foresty, wildernessy kind of story. It was written specifically for Tula, and it gives me some pleasure to write her a story with three female leads.” On top of all that, Ellis also has a top-secret TV project, and will be writing a few issues of Captain Marvel with Kelly Sue DeConnick. [Comic Book Resources]


Rumor: Will 2015 Give Us An All-New New Batman Beyond?

If this rumor turns out to be true, this constitutes a major SPOILER with a capital S…so you spoiler sensitive types out there, well, you just might wanna skip over to the next news item on this here list. Still here? Ok then. Bleeding Cool is reporting that the Batman of the future Terry McGinnis, first introduced in the animated series Batman Beyond, is going to bite the big one in the finale of their weekly series Future’s End. Who will replace Terry as Batman? According to their sources, none other than Robin #3, the current Red Robin, Tim Drake. Does this mean Tim is finally getting his own title in the New 52? Take this one with a grain of salt, but it sure would be an interesting turn of events if it pans out. [Bleeding Cool]


IDW Teams Up The Powerpuff Girls With Other Old School Cartoon Network Favorites Again

Last year, creators Louise Simonson and artist Derek Charm gave us Super Secret Crisis Wars, an event which saw  The Powerpuff Girls, Samurai Jack, Dexter’s Laboratory and more come together to defeat Aku and his League of Extraordinary Villains. Now, Charm returns as writer and artist to in a new six-issue team-up series Powerpuff Girls: Super Smash-Up. In this spin-off of Super Secret Crisis Wars, Bubbles, Blossom and Buttercup team up with Dexter (Laboratory Dexter, not serial killer Dexter) to take out his villainous, mutated big sister Dee Dee. Issue #1 of Powerpuff Girls: Super Smash Up hits January 21st. [Comics Book Resources]


Uncanny Avengers #1 WILL Answer THAT Question About Scarlet Witch & Quicksilver Once And For All

To take a page from the Maury Povich Show, “Magneto….you are NOT the father.” The true parentage of the Maximoff twins has been teased by Marvel for awhile now, but we have confirmation from Marvel’s Tom Brevoort that in Uncanny Avengers #1, we will find out once and for all (well, until the next retcon that is) who is the real father of the probably-not-actually-mutants superheroes (and occasionally villains) Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch. At least Marvel isn’t making us wait too long for the answer and stretching this one out all year. Anyone out there care to field any guesses as to who the baby daddy is in this instance? My money is on Willie Lumpkin, the Fantastic Four’s mailman. [Bleeding Cool]



Are you particularly stoked for any of these bits of upcoming comic book goodness? Let us know in the comments below.

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