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New  York City Comic Con has barely begun, and already there are a ton of announcements from all the major publishers. Here are some of the bigger announcements since the Con began in this week’s Comics Relief.

Forget the movie reboot that’s coming next year. IDW made a pre-New York Comic Con announcement that their latest collaboration with Hasbro is none other than Jem and the Holograms. The comic doesn’t have a release date yet, but based on the teaser image it looks like this will be classic 1980’s Jem, and not whatever the modern day reboot is going to be. Personally, I kind of wish Jem’s rival band The Misfits would be getting their own comic, too. Strangers things have happened. [Comic Book Resources]


The forerunner of the 90s “Bad Girl” trend in comics had to be Brian Pulido’s Lady Death. Now, Pulido has announced that he’s reached an agreement with Avatar Press, which has been home to Lady Death for the past decade, to regain sole ownership of the character. According to the announcement by Pulido, he’ll concurrently launch a new publishing venture called Coffin Comics for all future Lady Death titles, as well as a new supernatural universe in which Lady Death will play a major role. [Newsarama]


In case you missed it yesterday, Marvel’s big announcement at New York City Comic-Con was that they’re relaunching the classic 1980s mini-series Secret Wars with writer Jonathan Hickman and artist Esad Ribic at the helm, all as a year-long event starting in May 2015. For more details, check out our coverage from yesterday, including a look at the first revealed art from the project from Alex Ross.


It’s the crossover event you didn’t know you wanted (or maybe you did; I don’t know your world). The citizens of Riverdale are about to learn what it feels like to be hunted. Archie Comics and Dark Horse have announced Archie Meets Predator, coming next spring from writer Alex De Campi and artist Fernando Ruiz. Archie and Jughead are going to be in great company; after all, the Predator has fought just about everyone in comics, from Batman and Superman to the Terminator, with maybe the exception of Galactus (and I’m sure that’ll happen at some point.) It really was just Archie’s turn. I’m sure Predator Vs. My Little Pony is somewhere in the pipeline too. I’m only halfway kidding with that last bit. [Comics Alliance]


In January 2015, Dynamite Entertainment will be celebrating 100 issues of Vampirella comics from the publisher. Vampirella #100 will be a giant-sized issue by writers Eric Trautmann, Brandon Jerwa, and Mark Rahner, as well as current ongoing series writer Nancy A. Collins and Tim Seeley, who is writing Vampirella for the very first time with this issue. Art will be provided by  Francesco Mann, Dave Acosta, Eman Casallos, Jim Terry, and Javier Miranda-Garcia.

As with most event books these days, there will be a variety of variant covers; a “main” cover by Joe Jusko, another variant cover by Joyce Chin, a “Bombshell” variant cover by Cedric Poulat, and a “Cute” subscription cover by Tony Fleecs, featuring a “Vampirella Babies” version of the character. Don’t worry, it looks like baby Vampi has significantly more clothes on. [Bleeding Cool]


Every since Joss Whedon brought back Buffy the Vampire Slayer with Season 8 back in 2007 at Dark Horse Comics, there has been one steady element throughout that and all the following seasons: editor (and occasional writer) Scott Allie. Now Allie has announced that he is stepping down from editing the Buffyverse books, while the currently running Season 10 series will be taken over by longtime editor and former Buffy assistant Sierra Hahn. Allie will remain at Dark Horse Comics as Editor-In-Chief, so he’s not leaving Sunnydale entirely.




If you would have told me just five years ago that the first issue of a new solo series featuring Rocket Racoon would be getting it’s fourth printing, I wouldn’t have believed you, but that’s the power of having a major blockbuster movie under your belt. Crazy times we live in. [Bleeding Cool]


Hellboy creator Mike Mignola is bringing one of the world’s most enduring monsters back to life. Frankenstein’s monster returns in Frankenstein Underground, a new five-issue miniseries set in the Mike Mignola monsterverse that also stars  Hellboy, B.P.R.D. and Lobster Johnson, coming in 2015. The miniseries follows the creature’s adventures underground where he will encounter other monsters and have all-new adventures. According to Dark Horse Editor-In-Chief Scott Allie, “The monster takes the reader through some of the biggest mysteries of the Mignolaverse, shedding new light on important stuff we’ve only touched on before.” [Dark Horse Comics]


Stay tuned to for more comics news coming out of New York Comic Con this weekend, and join the conversation on twitter!

Images: IDW, Coffin Comics, Marvel, Archie Comics/Dark Horse Comics, Dynamite Entertainment, Dark Horse Comics

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