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Comics Relief: Greg Capullo Leaving BATMAN? A THOR Preview? Black Canary and the Ninjas? [Update]

[Update: Capullo ain’t going anywhere – In a tweet from last night, Batman artist Greg Capullo confirmed that he would be on the book for the forseeable future. The story has been amended to reflect this.]

Welcome to the latest installment of Comics Relief – and thanks for spending a little time with us before you dart out and enjoy the weekend.

We’ve got a couple of previews on deck this week, including the first issue of the all-new Thor as well as the Futures End issue of Birds of Prey (and if you’re feeling a little worn out on capes, there’s always Rolling Blackouts). What’s up with Greg Capullo and the impending end of his DC contract? And what Spider-Man comics just went on sale at a deep, deep discount?

Inquiring minds, etc.


Black Canary Leads the Red League of Assassin’s in DC’s Birds of Prey: Futures End #1 Preview

If you’ve ever want to see Dinah Lance lead her own gang own deadly ninjas, then the Birds of Prey issue of DC’s latest event series might have you sorted. Newsarama takes a peek at the book which is set three years after the events of Futures End (which is weird, because most are set five years after).

Christy Marx is on the script with Robson Rocha on art.

[via Newsarama]


Drawn & Quarterly Previews Rolling Blackouts

This excerpt from the graphic novel from Sarah Glidden introduces us to Sam Malkandi, an Iraqi Kurdish refugee, expelled from the U.S. after being granted asylum after being suspected of assisting and Al Qaeda operative.

[via Drawn & Quarterly]


Jay Runham Interviews Sex Criminals Co-Creator Chip Zdarsky

That’s artist and Eisner winner Chip Zdarsky to you. The Internet funny guy and comic book art guy chats with Jay Runham about his career and heading to Edmonton to share the glory of his work with the world.

[via Jay Runham]


See the New Thor in Action (Well, Not Really) in Marvel’s Thor #1 Preview

The new Thor makes her debut in the October 1 issue of Thor #1, and while the publisher’s been teasing the hell out of the new character wielding the mighty hammer Mjolnir, they’re still playing coy with what, exactly, her deal is in this text-free preview of the issue. Gotta love that Russell Dauterman art, though.

[Best_Wordpress_Gallery gallery_type=”thumbnails” theme_id=”1″ gallery_id=”46″ sort_by=”order” order_by=”asc” show_search_box=”0″ search_box_width=”180″ image_column_number=”5″ images_per_page=”30″ image_title=”none” image_enable_page=”1″ thumb_width=”180″ thumb_height=”90″ thumb_click_action=”undefined” thumb_link_target=”undefined” popup_fullscreen=”0″ popup_autoplay=”0″ popup_width=”800″ popup_height=”500″ popup_effect=”fade” popup_interval=”5″ popup_enable_filmstrip=”1″ popup_filmstrip_height=”50″ popup_enable_ctrl_btn=”1″ popup_enable_fullscreen=”1″ popup_enable_info=”1″ popup_info_always_show=”0″ popup_enable_rate=”0″ popup_enable_comment=”1″ popup_hit_counter=”0″ popup_enable_facebook=”1″ popup_enable_twitter=”1″ popup_enable_google=”1″ popup_enable_pinterest=”0″ popup_enable_tumblr=”0″ watermark_type=”none” watermark_link=””]



Dorkly Looks at the Worst Customers in Video Games

Dorkly takes a look at some demanding customers that only occur in games in their latest strip.

Could you imagine walking into a barbershop and demanding someone grow your muttonchops out for you? First off, why are you growing muttonchops, secondly, what’s going on in your life that you can’t wait for the natural processes of hair growth to occur?

[via Dorkly]

Is Greg Capullo Leaving Batman? [Update: Nope]

In a previous version of this story, we reported that Greg Capullo’s contract would be up after 16 more issues of his bestselling run on Batman – well, it seems like he’s not going anywhere.

While Bleeding Cool reported that Capullo was thinking of jumping ship when his contract expired, it appears he’s doubling down his commitment to Batman writer Scott Snyder instead, bringing on Snyder to help him reboot and relaunch Capullo’s creator-owned character, The Creech.

Capullo puts it in no uncertain terms:

[via Bleeding Cool]


A Mess of Avenging Spider-Man Comics Are $1 on comiXology

If you want to get caught up on the 22 issues and an annual of Avenging Spider-Man, now’s your chance given the big big discount on comiXology today. The sale ends at 11 PM ET.

[via comiXology]

What do you think of this week’s top comics stories? Let us know in the comments below!

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