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Comics Relief: Frank Frazetta’s Forgotten Series Unearthed, The NOCTURNALS Return, & More

Welcome to the very first Comics Relief of 2015! Although the majority of the major comic book publishers have been taking it easy on big announcements over the holiday, there have been a few, and we here at Comics Relief have found some of the more interesting bits of news you might have missed while recovering from all the festivities. So let’s get started, shall we?

Dark Horse Comics Set To Release Frank Frazetta’s Forgotten Series The Snow Man 

You probably know Frank Frazetta as the artist who drew all those covers of hulking barbarians and scantily clad warrior babes on the covers of Heavy Metal magazine. But before he inspired all the art that adorned the sides of many a van during the 1970s, he created the Snow Man, who was just that-a grumpy snow man brought to life. The character was introduced in 1944 in the first and only issue of Tally-Ho Comics, which marked Frazetta’s comic book debut, when he was all of 16 years old.

Now Dark Horse Comics now plans to bring the character back to print in Frank Frazetta’s The Adventures of the Snow Man, which is set for release on September 30. The $14.99 book collects “the entire Snow Man story,” plus additional material. According to the official description: “Informed by World War II propaganda, Frank Frazetta’s earliest work is still as artistically nuanced and socially complex as it is innocent. Now, for the first time ever, witness the first complete story from a modern master with Frank Frazetta’s The Adventures of the Snow Man!” [Comic Book Resources]


Marvel’s Latest Variant Covers Are Indeed Photo Worthy

Marvel has released their latest set of variant covers from artist Phil Noto, who is maybe best known for his beautiful Buffy the Vampire Slayer covers for Dark Horse. These are, suffice to say, maybe their best and most inventive set yet. Inspired by magazine covers from publications like Time and Life from past decades. Titles include Captain America, Guardians of the Galaxy, Amazing Spider-Man, Uncanny and All-New X-Men, Black Widow, Hulk, Inhuman and more. Marvel released all of these to various sites, but we have them all collected here for your enjoyment.

[Newsarama, CBR, Comic Vine, Marvel, via Comics Alliance]

Is Mark Waid Basing Phil Coulson From SHIELD On His Nerdy 9-Year Old Self?

Mark Waid is the new writer for the comic book iteration of Agents of SHIELD, which properly introduces the characters from the ABC television show into the Marvel Universe proper. The first issue of Agents of SHIELD offered up a glimpse into Phil Coulson’s childhood, and his super nerdy obsession with super heroes…and it looks like Waid based Coulson on himself, or at least his the whole “super nerdy obsession” part. I think Mark Waid’s tweet sums it up…

Is Marvel No Longer Sending The Fantastic Four To Character Jail?

Speaking of Marvel variant covers, not long ago they revealed plans for a set of 20 interlocking variant covers from artist Salvador Larroca, featuring all the main Marvel heroes in line to see the movie premiere of Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Well, everyone but the Fantastic Four that is. Rumors have been rampant that Marvel is not only cancelling the Fantastic Four title as a way to snub current movie rights holder Twentieth Century Fox by removing the FF from all promo material from now on. But not so fast….Marvel revealed the last two variant covers in this series, and lo and behold….there is Reed Richards, Mister Fantastic, alive and well and sporting a hipster beard. Is there hope for Marvel’s first family after all? At least this is a good sign. [Newsarama]

NEWAVN2013029_DC21 (1)

Artist Dan Brereton Uses Kickstarter To Help Fund The Return Of The Nocturnals

Back in the ’90s, creator Dan Brereton created his supernatural team of characters The Nocturnals, but they haven’t been seen for nearly a decade. But on New Years Day, Brereton and publisher Big Wow! Art launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund an all-new graphic novel titled Nocturnals: The Sinister Past with a Fall 2015 release date. Brereton is looking looking to raise $30,000, and within a day is already well on his way to meeting that goal. This will be a fully-painted 64 page story that has the characters from the original comic discover that there’s an older breed of Nocturnals who are looking to return. You can contribute to his Kickstarter here.  [Newsarama]


IDW Gives Fans A Sneak Peek At Their 2015 Plans

IDW Publishing has given its fans a special treat this New Year- a special sneak peek into many of their anticipated titles for 2015. Titles in this preview are the hotly anticipated revival of Jem and the Holograms, as well as Zombies Vs. Robots, The return of Galaxy Quest, D4VE, and more. You can check them out at the following link: [IDW Publishing]


Ready To Make The Jump To Digital Comics? ComiXology Is Here To Help You Do Just That.

Been meaning to finally start trying digital comics, but were looking for the right push? Well, then you are in luck, because right now ComiXology is looking to give fans the right incentive, as right now they’re doing a special sale, half off your first order. Interestingly, the promo code for this sale is CBR, which is the file extension of most pirated comics. Are ComiXology trying to convert the wicked? Well, there is no more Pirate Bay, so maybe now is the time…[Bleeding Cool]




Have a favorite comics news story already this year? Let us know in the comments below.

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