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Comics Relief: Darkwing Duck Returns, She-Hulk Says Farewell, and Are Superman’s Red Undies Coming Back?

In today’s edition of Comics Relief: A ’90s cartoon favorite makes his triumphant return, the original superhero might be getting a certain pair of famous red trunks back, and Marvel teases an actual new event this time. Read on for all the details…

Darkwing Duck Returns

Here’s some news that should make all you children of the ’90s who were raised on Disney Afternoons very happy: Former Darkwing Duck artist James Silvani announced via Tumblr that the ol’ duck is coming back to comics, and the new series is set to pick up where the previous BOOM! Studios version left off. The new series will be published by Joe Books, which will also release an omnibus of the 16-issue run of Darkwing Duck that was originally published by BOOM!, back in 2010 and 2011. [Comic Book Resources]


Ryan North Leaves Adventure Time Comic

Writer Ryan North is leaving the Adventure Time comic, and new writer Christopher Hastings will be taking over the title. The announcement comes after almost three years after North began as the Adventure Time writer, alongside artists Shelli Paroline and Braden Lamb. This creative team won multiple awards for the series including an Eisner for Best Publication For Kids. Ryan North is heading over to Marvel, where he will work on the ongoing Squirrel Girl series. Hastings’ first issue will be #36, which hits in January. [Comics Alliance]


The New DC Multiverse, All Mapped Out For Your Convenience 

Don’t ever say that writer Grant Morrison doesn’t think these things out; his current series, which maps the DC Multiverse, appropriately titled Mutliversity, just had its third issue hit comic book shops. DC All Access released a video with Multiversity collaborator, artist Rian Hughes, who also designed the map of the 52 Earths, explaining just how all the worlds relate to each other. With rumors of a new Crisis event coming, as well as a possible return of the pre-New 52 DC Universe, now might be the best time to get acquainted with the new Multiverse. Learn more by checking out the video below.

Say Goodbye To She-Hulk and X-Factor In January

In the solicitations for Marvel’s books in January, we got the sad news that two of Marvel’s better titles, Charles Soules’ She-Hulk and Peter David’s X-Factor, are getting cancelled, along with All-New Ultimates. She-Hulk was one of Marvel’s better books, as was X-Factor, so I can only hope Marvel is planning a relaunch at some point, because some books deserve another shot. Especially with all the attempts Marvel seems to give books like Ghost Rider.


Humanoids Brings Back The Metabaron

The Metabaron, the ultimate warrior introduced in 1981 by eccentric filmmaker Alexandro Jodorowsky, best known for films like El Topo and The Holy Mountain (not to mention an ambitious but aborted attempt at making Frank Herbert’s Dune), and legendary artist MÅ“bius, will return in June 2016 in a new series from Humanoids publishing. Based on a story by Jodorowsky and written by Jerry Frissen, the new four-volume series will explore the mystery of what happened to the last of the Metabarons. Following that, a new 108-page book will released every eight months, each drawn by a different artist, with the first being illustrated by Valentin Sécher (Khaal: Chronicles of a Galactic Emperor), and the second by Niko Henrichon (Noah, The Pride of Baghdad). [Comics Beat]


Is A Dearly Departed Character Set To Return In Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10?


This week, issue #8 of Buffy’s tenth “season” came out from Dark Horse Comics, which featured Buffy and the Scoobies making a pilgrimage to what’s left of their hometown of Sunnydale, California, where one of their own, Andrew Wells, plans to do a resurrection spell, bringing back a beloved former character from the series (SPOILERS) ……………none other than Willow’s slain lover Tara, who was killed off at the end of the sixth season of the show. Of course, this could could all just be a big tease, but Joss Whedon actually had planned to bring Tara back to life before when the series still aired; could it finally be happening in comic book form? [Dark Horse Comics]



Are Superman’s Red Underpants Making A Comeback?

The advance solicitations for January’s Superman #38 from the team of Geoff Johns and artist John Romita Jr teased another status quo change, and more importantly, teased an all-new costume for the Man of Steel. Could we see the return of the red underwear on the outside? Probably not, to be honest. But I do think we are going to see a much more streamlined version of Superman’s costume, one with a less armor like look and without all the needless details its had since the New 52 began. John Romita’s Superman would look a lot better if he wasn’t wearing a version of the Jim Lee designed outfit, that’s for sure. [Comic]


Marvel Teases New Event Coming in 2015. Yes, NEW.

With all the old events and crossovers making a comeback in 2015, a lot of fans missed that Marvel’s latest tease for the Inhumans centric Attilan Rising is for an all new event, not a rehash or reboot in any way of some previous Marvel crossover series. According to Entertainment Weekly, Attilan Rising “alludes to the end of Infinity, last year’s big Avengers crossover. In Infinity, Attilan, the floating throne-city of the Inhumans, was destroyed and crashed to the planet Earth, with the Inhuman king Black Bolt MIA in the fallout. Attilan Rising, then, looks like Black Bolt is poised to rebuild his his fallen kingdom—over the bodies of the current X-Men and the All-New Avengers.” Nice to know that at least one of this big Marvel events is something new. Or mostly new. [Entertainment Weekly]


Which of these new announcements has got you excited? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: BOOM! Studios, Marvel, Dark Horse Comics, DC Comics

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  1. maybe DC will finally bite the bullet and use my FULL superman redesign, [the collar, belt color and shape, and no undies] and get rid of the plate lines.

  2. Brian says:

    I Romita Jr. can’t draw the new Superman costume, they need to find a better artist. I’ve never cared for his drawing style anyway, and with all of the great artists out there, his looks sub-par at best. 

  3. Sephiral says:

    Why does everyone hate on Jim Lee’s Superman? I think the armor makes way more sense and looks way better than the silly pre-New 52 tights and undies.

  4. RicD says:

    She Hulk was well written. I just abhorred the art. When that chick graduates and goes to art school, maybe she’ll be good.

  5. alpha says:

    Darkwing Duck comes back? What a great idea!!!

  6. Rob W says:

    That Superman art is soooo bad it’s painful…