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Comics Relief: Brian Bendis Brings Back OLD MAN LOGAN, IDW Opens Comic Art Gallery In San Diego, & ComiXology’s Super SUPERMAN Sale

Welcome to the weekend edition of Comics Relief, fangirls and fanboys! Today, we have more news about crazy Secret Wars mash-ups featuring the Hulk and Wolverine, news on one of the big publishers opening up a comic book art gallery, and more. So let’s get started shall we?

Brian Bendis Brings Back Old Man Logan

Last week we reported that Brian Michael Bendis will be leaving All-New X-Men and Uncanny X-Men as of this May…but that doesn’t mean he’s going to be done with mutants. In fact, he’ll soon be writing THE mutant, as in Wolverine. But wait, isn’t Wolvie dead? Or did we all just miss a resurrection?

Nope, no missed resurrection. As Brian Bendis explained, as with all things Marvel these days, it’s because of Secret Wars: “Secret Wars is opening doors all over the Marvel Universe, and behind one of those doors is one of the best characters of the last 10 years thanks to Mark Millar and Steve McNiven… Old Man Logan. He’s been sitting on a shelf for a very long time, and it’s time for him to come out and play.” At the end of the original Old Man Logan, he started a journey to change the world around him. We’re going to see just how successful he was and if the events of Secret Wars are a help or hindrance to his life’s mission. []

IDW Relocates, And Adds A Comic Book Art Gallery In San Diego

In a relatively short amount of time, IDW has become one the premiere publishers in comics, growing into a huge part of the comics industry since the company formed in 1999. Now, IDW is set to relocate to new offices in the former Navy barracks within the historic NTC at Liberty Station, near the Point Loma community of San Diego. Even cooler, as part of the move IDW is opening the The San Diego Comic Art Gallery.

In a press release, IDW states the gallery “will be a unique, new and dynamic space located within the IDW offices, designed to educate and engage the local San Diego community and the region of Southern California with the sequential comic book and graphic arts. The SDCAG will create a permanent home in San Diego as a showcase for this celebrated art form; already so pervasive in pop culture, thanks to the meteoric success of comic-based films television and entertainment, and already so associated with the San Diego area, thanks to Comic-Con International” The grand opening is scheduled for June 1st, 2015. (Editor’s Note: Please hire Samuel L. Jackson to operate this gallery in Mr. Glass cosplay.)


DC Previews All-New Suicide Squad, Coming In June

The Suicide Squad has always had a somewhat fluid membership, (I mean, it’s kind of implied by the title) but certain characters have come to be associated with the team in a big way, namely Deadshot, Captain Boomerang, and now Harley Quinn. Well, say goodbye to these guys, as we’ll be getting a new Suicide Squad when Convergence ends in May. The new line-up will consist of Parasite, Black Hand, Poison Ivy, Reverse Flash, the Cheetah and one of the Talons from the Court of Owls. Sean Ryan is still the book’s writer when the title comes back in June with issue #9, with Carlos D’Anda doing the art. Check out a pic of the new line-up below. [Comics Beat]

Captain America and Devil Dinosaur Take On A World Of Hulks (Yes, You Read That Right.)

The return of Old Man Logan isn’t the only crazy thing happening because of Marvel’s Secret Wars. Although it might sound like fan fiction gone wild, soon Captain America will be teaming with Devil Dinosaur to fight off a scourge of Hulks, in a new Planet Hulk series  by writer Sam Humphries and artist Marc Laming, tied of course into this year’s Secret Wars. This Captain America will be classic Steve Rogers Cap, and he and Devil Dinosaur are teaming with an as-yet unnamed Hulk, who are in search of a “Red King” who has kidnapped Bucky Barnes in this world filled with Hulks. In addition to all that insanity, Planet Hulk #1 will have “surprise bonus story” from a top secret creative team. [Comic Book Resources]

DC Brings Back iZombie Ahead Of CW Premiere For Just $1

In a perfect example of corporate synergy at work, DC Comics is rush-soliciting a $1 version of the first issue of Chris Roberson and Mike Allred’s iZombie comics from back in 2010 , timed to come out ahead of the TV adaptation on the CW on March 11th. The original series ran for two years under DC’s Vertigo imprint. Does this mean the comic will be coming back as a regular series if the show is popular? Who knows, but I have a hunch it will. [Bleeding Cool]

IDW And Hasbro Extend Their Partnership

As I mentioned in the previous news item, IDW has become quite the powerhouse publisher in quite a short period of time. Part of their large success has been their licensing deal with toy company Hasbro, which started in 2005 when IDW began publishing Transformers. Now, ten years later, the two companies have extended their licensing deal.  According to their press release, “Once Transformers was established as an immediate success, IDW expanded its comic line to include the Hasbro property G.I. Joe, then eventually the smash-hit My Little Pony and coming this March, Jem & The Holograms. IDW will also continue to publish the Littlest Pet Shop and Dungeons & Dragons comics. These titles have become perennial staples at IDW, and will continue to play key roles in IDW’s publishing slate going forward, in all existing formats, both print and digital.”

ComiXology has Super Superman Sale 

This week, ComiXology have a deal on Superman titles that might be too great to pass up, including classic titles like Grant Morrison’s All Star Superman, John Byrne’s Man of Steel, Jeph Loeb and Tim Sale’s Superman For All Seasons and Geoff Johns and Gary Frank’s Secret Origin, among many others, many reduced as much as 70% off. The seven day sale begins this Sunday, February 15th. [ComiXology via Comics Alliance]




Excited for the return of old man Logan, or any of the other comics news this week? Let us know in the comments below!

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