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Comics Relief: BATMAN BEYOND’s Future Ends

What an odd and interesting time to be a comics fan – not only is there a Titans series in development, but someone got it into their head (allegedly) to develop a show based on Legion of Superheroes.

But for every high, there’s a low, we learn this week as Batman Beyond comes to an end (again). Still, it’s not all bad news (it’s mostly good news, actually), as Scott Snyder discusses his newest creator-owned project and Alan Moore teases his own at Avatar Press.


Batman Beyond Ending in November

The current Batman Beyond run ends with the November digital issue and this month’s print issue, as writers Kyle Higgins and Alec Siegel discuss at Newsarama. The current arc will unveil wrap up the long form story the duo has been telling about the futuristic version of the BTAS villain, Phantasm.

Don’t fret: the book is apparently a victim of DC’s crowded digital slate, but we might be able to see Terry and Bruce again at some point in the future.

[via Newsarama]


Alan Moore Has a New Project Coming to Avatar

Keep an eye on Bleeding Cool Monday for an announcement about the new project from Alan Moore and artist Gabriel Andrade.

Moore has made Avatar his home for his comics work over the last few years, most recently releasing his own version of the summer crossover with his God is Dead. The mature-themed publisher has been a great match for the author who’s been exploring his horror side/thriller side.

[via Bleeding Cool]


The Ballad of Bouncing Boy

With news that WB/DC is developing a Legion movie, now’s the best time to consider one of the team’s greatest members (no, not Karate Kid). Chris Sims does just that with a look at Bouncing Boy, where the rotund hero proves who’s the baddest Legionnaire.

[via Comics Alliance]


The Return of Baki

The incredible (and incredibly brutal) fight manga Baki the Grappler spinoff title Baki Gaiden – Scarface is coming back after a five year break, according to Anime News Network from creators Keisuke Itagaki and Yukinao Yamauchi. The still above from the anime doesn’t do justice to how profoundly cut up he is in the book.

Scarface will resume in Bessatsu Shōnen Champion. No word on a U.S. release, but hopefully, some publisher will get it into their heads to release the series here in the U.S.

Itagaki created the scarred bruiser/gangster with manners Kaoru Hanayama, who is one of the competitors Baki faces in his path of martial arts domination. The two beat the crap out of each other (thus gaining the others’ respect).

[via Anime News Network]


Scott Snyder Snitches on Wytches

The Batman writer talks about his collaboration with Jock on Wytches, their creator-owned title. The book involves a young girl who moves with her family following a tragedy, and how her life becomes intertwined with the mythology of witches.

Snyder explains his personal connection to the book:

“Part of the impetus comes from some of the ups and downs of parenting — the sense of joy and wonder, but also the total terror and guild that comes with being a parent, the terror that this thing that’s sort of a vital organ in your body has left your body and is out there in the world. That’s the way it feels.”

[via Comic Book Resources]


Darkseid War: What is It Good For?

Geoff Johns talks about the fallout from the Forever Evil event as it leads into the Justice League event, “Darkseid War,” along with the weird attraction between Lex Luthor and Bruce Wayne.

“Well, Luthor’s more attracted to Bruce Wayne as a kind of an ally because he’s human, and Lex thinks, ‘Well, we have this in common, and we can bond over it,’ and that Bruce might understand Luthor and his point of view point more than anyone else on the team, which sometimes is true and sometimes isn’t true.”

Bruce and Lex, BFFWTFBBQ.

[via IGN]


Prometheus: Fire and Stone Sells Out, Gets a Second Printing

Apparently, a lot of you really wanted to find out what happens after Fox’s Prometheus. The publisher has a second printing planned for October with a cover featuring a little Alien on human on Predator action.

Hey! They quoted my review!

[via Dark Horse Comics]

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  1. kevin says:

    I wish they would stop cutting batman beyond

  2. Andy McGuire says:

    I wish they’d give us a Batman Beyond live-action film, with Michael frickin’ Keaton as the aged Bruce Wayne! How awesome would that be?