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Happy “Wolverine finally dies” day, comics fans! Yep, today Wolverine finally bites the dust in The Death of Wolverine #4. What comics will you read to fill the Logan sized hole in your life? Well, thankfully at New York Comic Con, plenty of titles were announced, as well as exciting stuff coming up for titles that are already around. So without further ado, lets get to the news…


One of the stories from New York Comic Con that you might have missed was the announcement from Oni Press that Top Ten’s Zander Cannon will launch a new series called  Kaijumax starting in April, for which he will handle the writing, art and even the coloring himself. The series will take place on an island that functions as a high-security prison for kaiju, and some of the pages previewed at the ONI Press panel showed prison security guards trying to break up a kaiju yard fight. When does this become a movie now??


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Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies

Marvel made the most out of New York Comic Con last weekend, and you’d think they would have stopped there, but nope; this week they announced the return of Civil War (possibly tying into Captain America 3?) but also Age of Ultron vs. Marvel Zombies. What’s with all of these older crossover events coming back? Are they all just aspects of the upcoming Secret Wars? I’d wager yes.





In other Marvel news, the latest issue of Edge of Spider-Verse,  issue #5 to be exact, part of Marvel’s Spider-Verse event, hits today. You might wanna check it out, because not only is it written by My Chemical Romance’s Gerard Way, you’ll get to see Way write the triumphant return of Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham.

Yes, for real.


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So in the New 52, Superman and Lois Lane are no longer together, because reasons. Supes is with Wonder Woman instead, and Lois was left dating some nobody. Well, how about Lois starts dating Batman instead? It looks like based on the preview for Batman/Superman #15, Lois Lane and the Dark Knight are about to become a thing. (Some fans might remember, also was a thing in the classic Bruce Timm Batman: The Animated Series.)


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Secrets are hard to keep in comics, especially mainstream comics, so kudos to the team of Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo for keeping just what Batman: Endgame was really all about under wraps. After issue #35 of Batman came out last week however, the cat is out of the bag…the big villain for Endgame is………………. SPOILERS………………………………………………………………………………………………….you still there? Sure you wanna know?………………………………………………………………………………………………….Okay fine, I’ll tell you. It’s the Joker, back for revenge after his humiliation at the end of “Death of the Family”. And in issue #35 of Batman, we find out that he’s somehow managed to control the Justice League to do his own bidding. Now we can see the real problem, as DC releases the real cover for issue #36. Some images speak for themselves:

BM-Cv36-0096c (1)



One of the bigger announcements from the Dark Horse panel at NYCC was Brian Wood and Andrea Mutti’s new upcoming series Rebels, which we exclusively announced in July. (No, Not Star Wars: Rebels, just Rebels. Sorry Dark Horse. Too soon?) Rebels will be a historical epic in the same vein as his Viking book Northlanders, but about the American Revolution. “It’s not just about the history we learned in school,” Wood explained that the book is primarily focused on the  colonial period that pre-dated the war, and the time period immediately afterwards, and that the book would have a wide-ranging scope.


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The Chilling Tales of Sabrina

When Archie Comics announced they were relaunching some of their classic titles, but now with a horror bent, people thought they were crazy, or that it was just a gimmick. Well, gimmick or not, it seems to have paid off for the publisher. The Chilling Tales Of Sabrina #1 has sold out in the first issue from Archie Comics at Diamond Comics Distributors, just as their also recently rebranded horror title  Afterlife With Archie. That both of these books exist and are successful is proof that we live in very strange times.


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The Woods

BOOM! Studios has made an unprecedented commitment to their latest creator owned series, with the upcoming comic The Woods;  Batman: Eternal  former Talon writer James Tynion IV and artist Michael Dialynas have received a 36-issue commitment from BOOM! to produce this series. The Woods “focuses on a group of 513 people from Bay Point Preparatory High School, mysteriously transported to a place filled with monsters and animals never before seen. As the kids, teachers and a few other folks explore their new environment, more and more mysteries present themselves.”


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What do you make of today’s top stories? Let me know in the comments below or tell me on Twitter (@GeekBoyEric)!

Images: Oni Press, Marvel, DC Comics, Dark Horse Comics, BOOM! Studios

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