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Comic-Con: “The World’s End”

worldsendpanel1POSTThe final chapter in the Three Flavours Cornetto trilogy drew another Hall H-filling crowd at Comic-Con in San Diego Friday for a panel previewing The World’s End. Director Edgar Wright and stars Simon Pegg and Nick Frost joined moderator Chris Hardwick to discuss the film, which was released today in the U.K, and arrives in the U.S. on August 23rd.

Wright explained the new movie by suggesting, “If you ever watched a Doctor Who show and thought it would be really funny if he was hammered, this is the movie for you. Call it ‘Doctor Hooch.'” Pegg added that “our TARDIS in this movie is beer.”

The origin of the Cornetto link in the movies, Wright said, was his “medically unproven” hangover cure, an ice cream cone on a Sunday morning. After using the gag in Shaun of the Dead, Wright joked that adding it to Hot Fuzz was an attempt to get free ice cream. Asked by Hardwick whether the “trilogy” label would preclude more, Pegg said that the three movies carry through some themes (perpetual adolescence, Wright noted) and are set in the U.K, but further collaborations can try out other themes, locations, and time periods. On working with other crews after making the trilogy’s films with friends, Pegg said, “Sometimes you forget that breaking wind isn’t funny to everyone” (Frost countered, “I think it has international appeal”).

Asked by an audience member who they find hilarious, Pegg cited The Lonely Island, Wright added The Kroll Show, Louis CK, and Parks and Recreation, and Frost, after saying he finds Pegg and Wright funny, added The Larry Sanders Show. Wright declined to pick a favorite of the trilogy; Pegg said he had the most fun playing Gary King in the new film; and Frost said that he “enjoyed being Ed in Shaun of the Dead, but it wasn’t particularly a stretch.”

Instead of a clip from the movie, the panel showed a Mike Relm musical mashup of the three trilogy chapters.

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  1. Edgar said they will post the Relm piece. When they do, we’ll have it.

  2. Illusion-XIII says:

    I’m seriously looking forward to this movie. If they can recapture even half of the “Shaun of the Dead” magic, this is going to be epic.
    The Mike Relm mashup mentioned at the end caught my attention. I’ve only recently discovered Mike Relm and really love his stuff. Do you guys know if his Cornetto Trilogy mashup is going to be posted anywhere for us helpless plebians (i.e. East Coasters who can’t afford the time off or flight) to see and hear? A link would be much appreciated.