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Comic-Con Open Online Registration Goes Live February 21st

Yearning to go to arguably the largest comic book convention of the year without a registration code? Well, better luck next year. The always confusingly titled “Open Registration” for San Diego Comic-Con will go live February 21, at 9 am PST. Although it’s titled “Open”, registration is only available to those that already have a Member ID.

On February 21, at 8 am PST, the Epic Registration waiting room will open and it will promptly close one hour later for new entrants. Do yourself the favor of authorizing the code before then.

For those that are unfamiliar with the process, you must already have a member ID by this time or you have almost zero chance to attend the event. It does take meticulous planning of at least a year in advance.


If you are lucky enough to already have your member ID, you can check the “Registration Info” tab on the member account and grab the registration code. This code will allow you to join the Epic Registration waiting room so you can attempt to nab some badges. Keep in mind that there are more eligible members than badges available.

It is also important to note that having a registration code for the Epic waiting room does not guarantee you a badge, just a seat at the table (figurative table of course). Yes, it is mess, and you might have better luck at winning the lottery.

Still confused? Let’s be honest, the Comic-Con purchasing experience is a daunting task, to say the least, due to demand. So check out their help page if you need further assistance.

It is an exciting time indeed. Make your way down to the comment section below and let us know if you are one of the chosen ones lucky enough to grab at least a registration code, as well as your cosplaying plans for this years SDCC.

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  1. filthy 23 says:

    Could at least have waiting room picture atop page be some Cosplay folks, not suits….?

  2. filthy 23 says:

    Starting to feel like, the Sorting Hat is rigged….sux …in waiting room, watching the most boring screen ever….

  3. sarbo says:

    O M God!! how nerve wrecking is the “epic” waiting room… only the harry potter reference made it fun… at least for the first 4 minutes till a new yellow message popped up.. 

  4. Shaun says:

    Can someone please put the link up for the Epic Registration room… Im coming from Australia its 3am and I had the email sent to a work email! please someone! cheers

  5. Firitus says:

    I have my registration code ready and cosplaying costume all planned out, just need the frigging badge this time!!!!

  6. Amy S. says:

    Eh, I’m happy with Emerald City. Big enough to attract good guests but not too far away from home! (I live North of the border in Canada!) … Okay, maybe this year is kind of terrible, due to how bad our dollar is right now, but we can’t stop a tradition just because of that! This is my 4th year, and my husbands 9th!

  7. dax says:

    Comic-con isn’t much for fans anymore.  More of a captive market for swag.

  8. John says:

    I got a code today 🙂 Now to get a badge! 

  9. unluckiest says:

    only the “lucky” get tickets to sdcc through EPIC.. it horribly segregates unlucky people with black clouds over them, like myself. Thanks comic con gods