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Comic-Con Bag Fashion Gallery

It’s a mere one day until Comic-Con, and I’ve got packing on the brain. I always try to leave room in my luggage to bring home one of the giant bags Comic-Con gives you when you pick up your badge. They’re handy for laundry, carrying small children (not that I’ve tried), and turning into wearables. At least a few attendees every year spend an evening holed up in their hotel room crafting the oversized bags into attire. I’ve seen the bags turned into dresses in several different cuts, suit jackets, vests, purses, skirts, and more.

We’ve rounded up some examples of Comic-Con bag fashion in case you feel motivated to take your sewing machine and scissors with you to the convention this year.


Corsets | Source:

Have you ever transformed a Comic-Con bag into a wearable? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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  1. lisa Forrest says:

    I made an Elizabethian gown to help draw people to the both that i was attending. i got alot of great feadback from the crowd.

  2. Kyriss Starr says:

    I’m one of the 4some pictured above, as part of the PendragonCostumes crew at a WB shindig. The Owner started doing the outfits on a whim and a dare back when the bags were huge instead of backpacks (and only WB handed them out). She has worked for about 7 years on making random outfits in SwagBag but usually works year round doing leather corsets and bodices for Medieval, Renaissance, Steampunk and SciFi inspired clothes. She even did the leather coats worn on the TV Series “Castle”‘s episode ‘Steampunked’