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Comedy On A Bus, Rescuing Bars, Making THE HIVE, MegaMusic: The Week In Podcasts

If you didn’t listen to the many fine offerings on the Nerdist Podcast Network this week, you missed a lot. Like, for example:

*Rob Huebel and Paul Scheer on the Nerdist Podcast, talking about their Vimeo special Crash Test, on which they take an audience on a big bus to comedians’ homes and have the bewildered comics board to do some standup. The discussion covered Force Friday (did you get a BB-8?), the early days of UCB, new TV shows, and ghosts. That’s range, that is. Check out Crash Test at

*Bar Rescue‘s Jon Taffer on the Nerdist Podcast, which, of course, set Matt Mira off on flights of ecstacy, since you know Matt is all about Bar Rescue. And he and Jordan Morris were ON Bar Rescue, so we heard about that, but also how Jon became a bar expert at the legendary Doug Weston’s Troubadour in West Hollywood, music and bar psychology, and the “butt funnel,” which is not what you think it is.

*The Hive director Dave Yarovesky on the Nerdist Podcast, talking about the movie that Nerdist is presenting (and which you can see this very Monday, September 14th, in theaters as a Fathom Events screening- go to for locations and tickets). We got a good overview of making movies on a limited budget and how that can actually help horror and comedy flicks. And we got more production information and some good talk about how editing affects a director’s vision for shooting. Lots of Kyle on this one, too.

*Posting Friday, Tobey Maguire and Ed Zwick on the Nerdist Podcast, talking about their highly anticipated new film Pawn Sacrifice, about the Bobby Fischer-Boris Spassky chess showdown. You know about Chris and chess, so this one went deep into the mental part of the game, but there’s also some looking back at Tobey and Chris’ past, career highlights, Ed’s straddling of the worlds of TV and movies, and more.

*Video game cover band The Megas’ Josh Breeding and Greg Schneider on The Indoor Kids, explaining just how they came to specialize in songs inspired by MegaMan, plus Star Wars coffee, Dolph Lundgren, that Comic-Con Star Wars surprise concert, and Coffee-Mate.

*Oscar winner Glen Hansard (Once) on You Made it Weird with Pete Holmes, giving Pete a chance to get all fanboy on Glen and discuss feeling an audience’s energy, the value of being willing to fail, the joy and pain of touring, some unusual encounters Glen’s had, and breakups.

*Kelly Carlin on The JV Club talking about her unusual bridge between leadership training and comedy, growing up in the permissive ’70s L.A. culture, being an only child and the “adult in the room,” and facing fears and taking risks. Oh, and her famous dad George, too.

*Randy Liedtke on Chewin’ It, noting the proliferation of big red-headed guys with beards in show business, his youth at asthma camp, how he got the nickname “Little Lick-Me,” how UPS affected his beard, and iPhone cookies.

*Trainer Far Davis on Pro You, connecting with Tom trainer-to-trainer, explaining her approach to Pilates and her atypical name.

*Seraphim Films’ Mark Alan Miller on Bizarre States, discussing being part of the Clive Barker universe and the meaning of the nightmares he’s been having.

*Music selections inspired by mentions in random ’90s copies of Nintendo Power on Legacy Music Hour.

*Comic Langston Belton talking Ant-Man on Comic Book Club.

*USC Professor Leo Braudy and Gabe Liedman, Joe Mande and Jenny Slate examining fame (being famous, not the TV series, movie, theme song, or David Bowie song) on Hound Tall Discussion Series with Moshe Kasher.

*Damon Lindelof, Mimi Leder, Ann Dowd, Christopher Eccleston, and Carrie Coon talking about The Leftovers on Nerdist Writers Panel.

*Not just one, but two servings of Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction, a few days late but who’s counting?

*Eric Edelstein on The Mutant Season telling Gil all about voice acting and being dinosaur food in Jurassic World.

*And Graham Elwood on The Todd Glass Show, back for more madness and to promote next week’s LA Podfest.

Go to the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and the Nerdist Podcast Network Facebook page for all of it. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you’ll plotz.

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