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Come to the Dark Side of Hunger with This Darth Vader Lightsaber Cutlery Set

Come to the dinner table.

Search your hunger. You know it to be true.

It will be hard not to start quoting your favorite Sith Lord when you sit down to eat with this Darth Vader Lightsaber Handle Cutlery set. Created by Underground Toys and available from Urban Collector, you can make every meal a Star Wars celebration for just 17.99, although they are currently listed as unavailable until January.

I find this lack of availability disturbing.


The set is made of plastic and steel, and you can also pre-order their various Star Wars plate sets, which include a characters set, a blueprints set (many Bothan waiters died to bring you these plates), and a “I am Jedi” set. (Do you only become a master chef when you create a Jedi Lightsaber handle slicing knife?)

They also have a matching Vader Grater for the same price.


Just make sure that you use these around other diehard Star Wars fans, because otherwise your dinner companions might grow tired of will miss all of your awesome Star Wars eating puns.

I am altering the recipe. Pray I don’t alter it any further.

All too greasy.

Join me, and together we can run the restaurant as father and son.

The casserole will be completed on schedule.

We would be honored if you joined us. (Oh, that one actually just works on its own.)

What would be the most appropriate meal to eat with these Darth Vader lightsaber utensils? Have any other good Vader-food puns to add? Come to the comments section below with your best quips.

Images: Underground Toys

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