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Episode : Clone Alone, Vice Principals, an Oscar Winner, and Canadian Candy: The Week In Podcasts

Clone Alone, Vice Principals, an Oscar Winner, and Canadian Candy: The Week In Podcasts

The post-Comic-Con week on the Nerdist Podcast Network was a good one, because we got some of the fruits of our labor at the event. And that’s not all we had. Here’s a rundown:

Fresh from last Saturday, the Nerdist Podcast featured the first of two live Comic-Con editions, this one with Orphan Black‘s incredible Tatiana Maslany playing herself for once, and then the Vice Principals triumvirate of Danny McBride, Walton Goggins, and Jody Hill came by to talk about the show and take questions from the Balboa Theatre audience. It’s like being there, only, you know, a little less visual.

Alan Ball, the man behind American Beauty, Six Feet Under, and True Blood, talked about his wildly varied career, from Grace Under Fire to the Oscar and more, on The Writers Panel.

An all-Canadian-expat edition of The Jonah Keri Podcast featured the Pride of TSN… er, FS1, Jay Onrait and Dan O’Toole, a veritable Rhapsody in Coffee Crisp, with Jay and Dan being characteristically frank about their U.S. experiences; on Friday’s episode, MLB Network’s Brian Kenny talked baseball, boxing, his years at ESPN, analytics, and Celine Dion (Celine Dion? Oh, right, Canadian Content…).

Of COURSE Doug Benson visited Maltin on Movies for a live broadcast at San Diego Comic-Con, and of COURSE they talked movies and of COURSE a rousing round of the Leonard Maltin Game was played. Of COURSE. And our old pal and brilliant comic/podcaster Jimmy Pardo dropped by The Todd Glass Show (just in as of this writing).

TWO Will You Accept This Rose? episodes this week? Yes. Arden’s working overtime. Anyway, on a bonus episode, Wells Adams and Paget Brewster stopped by, and then on the regular Bachelorette episode, Paget returned and Rob Benedict and Ralph Garman guested.

On Pro You, we got the 9th live experience, and on the second episode of the week, Tom got to know our own Kyle Clark a little — no, a LOT better.

More from Comic-Con: Ghost Adventures‘ Nick Groff visited the Conival to talk about, um, ghosts on Bizarre States; Comic Book Club recapped the best in show; and Alex, Alison, and Tom went live from Petco Park with an audience participation edition of Half Hour Happy Hour.

Guests!: David Juskow (The Sarah Silverman Program and Pete’s upcoming HBO series Crashing) on You Made It Weird; Children’s book author Dallas Clayton (An Awesome Book) on Love, Alexi; Comics writer Hope Larson (Batgirl) on Nerdist Comics Panel; Comedian Matt Fulchiron on Cash Withdrawal; and WorkJuice Player and We Got This co-host Mark Gagliardi on The JV Club.

More!: Jackie walked 52 people out of a room all at once — that is NOT easy, and she thought she was just clearing one guy out, but whatever — and Laurie took on the New York Mets on The Jackie and Laurie Show; Jenna and Bodhi took a marriage quiz on Kicking and Screaming and it didn’t go well; and we got 10 more things Kevin and Steve hate on Chewin’ It.

You will find it all at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page. So go. Listen. Like, now. Why are you still here? DO IT.

Photo: BBC America


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