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Cinefix Blows Our Minds with Their List of the 10 Most Beautiful Films

It’s no surprise that the folks over at Cinefix know and love their fair share of film, so when they compiled their list of the 10 most beautiful films ever made, we just knew we’d be in for a treat. Their usual clean-cut and fast-paced critique of things turns out to be great for each films description as they don’t get mired in flowery language. In a video about the beauty of film, their concise evaluation of each allows the clips to speak volumes. While Cinefix goes into depth about each in the video above, here are their pics and what we think makes them so special.

Russian Ark

An entire film with over 2000 extras involving one single steadicam shot. The movie is available on Netflix and really is a sight to see although you may find yourself skipping around. You may notice the audio is a bit wonky but that’s because it was done in post. Still, that doesn’t take away from orchestrating a 96-minute single take. Four attempts in total were made so imagine the stress any of the actors may have felt in their scenes anywhere past the first few minutes. A glance at the lens or a sneeze very well could have caused everyone to hear the worst possible scenario of the phrase “Everybody back to 1”.


Woody Allen. What can we say? Love of or hate him, his films are unique and certainly memorable. This love letter to NYC stars Woody Allen (of course), Diane Keaton, Michael Murphy, Mariel Hemingway, Meryl Streep, and Anne Byrne. Its extremely wide angles make every scene seem incredibly full and everything in them deliberate.

Citizen Kane

Citizen….effing…..Kane. There will always be detractors of this film but they are just oh so wrong.

2001: A Space Odyssey

2001…..effing….A….effing….Space…. Just kidding. We could talk for hours about this film and what it did for not only the sci-fi genre but for cinema in general. There are few films that exist that have become so heavily referenced, emulated, or parodied. Of all of Kubrick’s work, this is arguably his best. [Editor’s Note: I heartily agree.]

The Conformist

A bold and beautiful choice for Cinefix to make when cinematographer Vittorio Storaro’s other work consists of Last Tango in Paris and of course, Apocalypse Now. The stark scene composition and unorthodox camera angles certainly secures its spot on this list.

The Fall

Admittedly, I’ve never seen this film but Cinefix has piqued my interest. Director Tarsem Singh also helmed the recent Self/less which – now knowing he was behind The Fall will have me pay a little more attention to the Ryan Reynolds flick.


Jet Li’s 2002 marital arts epic, cinematographer Christopher Doyle, amazing use of color. If you haven’t seen it, you’re missing out.

Lawrence of Arabia

I’m sorry but. Lawrence of…. effing…… Arabia! This is another movie that did more for film than we may ever know. Beautifully shot, amazing story, and one of those films that should be a pre-requisite to adulthood. Everyone should be required to see this film at least twice.

The Tree of Life

Combine director Terrence Malick with the amazing (and completely not computer generated) visual effects of Douglas Trumbull and you’ve got yourself another beautiful film on your hands.


Another I haven’t seen but that will soon change. It’s on Netflix as well. I’ve got beer and can order some pizza. Who wants to spend their sunday afternoon watching this with me?

Damn you Cinefix, you’ve gone and claimed the next dozen or so hours of my life.

What do you think should have been on Cinefix’s list? Let us know in the comments below!

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