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Christoph Waltz Claims He’s “Not The Head of Spectre” in New Bond Film

Ever since it was first rumored and eventually confirmed that Christoph Waltz would be appearing in the latest James Bond adventure, Spectre, as a main villain, there has been some of debate concerning what role the man would be playing (IMDB simply lists the character’s name as “Oberhauser”). Since the early days of the discussion, much of the speculation has pointed to the idea that the Django Unchained star might take on the famed franchise role of Blofeld, the leader of the criminal organization that also serves as the tile of the new film.

However, without confirmation as to who Waltz is playing, the speculation has remained just that, speculation. But now the actor’s breaking some silence concerning his 007 adventure:

What’s interesting to note here is the framing of Ms. Nemiroff’s question to Waltz. She doesn’t ask, “are you playing Blofeld?” She asks, “is your character the head of Spectre?” Now, here’s why that distinction matters:

By giving Waltz the room to answer “no” to the question of whether or not he plays the head of Spectre, it leaves the possibility open that he is playing a new version of Blofeld we haven’t seen before. As with the rest of the Craig series that’s served as one giant reboot of the Bond universe, it’s entirely possible the Blofeld we encounter in the new film has yet to rise through the ranks of the criminal organization and thus, would make the actor’s statements truthful.

Maybe he’s playing Blofeld, maybe he isn’t, but if he’s playing a version that’s still in the early days of his criminal career, it would most certainly be far “more interesting” than the simple idea of him being the evil mastermind of decades past.

Who do you think Waltz is playing in the new film? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. Jarrod says:

    As long as Blofeld isn’t not Andrew Scott.

  2. Brian says:

    I agree with this author.  This movie is probably documenting the birthing of SPECTRE. It will rise out of the ashes of Quantum with a lower level Blofeld rising to take control.

  3. Alexa says:

    The modern SPECTRE has no leader, it has a board of directors.

  4. JUS7IAN says:

    He’s a bad mutha-fuca!