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Christina Hendricks is One of Cameron Crowe’s ROADIES (on TV) Now

If there’s one thing Mad Men has taught Christina Hendricks it’s very likely how to handle a bunch of unruly boys (those fellas at Sterling Cooper are nothing if not nincompoops!), making her the perfect fit for Cameron Crowe’s forthcoming television project, Roadies. It’s about a band — with Hendricks having been tapped to play the production manager. Sounds like something that’s right in her wheelhouse, eh?

Hendricks will play Shelli alongside her co-star Luke Wilson, the band’s tour manager (his name is Bill) in the Showtime comedy, which focuses primarily on the crew members that make all the magic happen behind the scenes of a big-deal rock tour. In the network’s announcement on Monday, Shelli was described as a real road warrior type, a “tough, but privately emotional” type who’s totally “married to her job… and scary-good at it.”

And if that doesn’t get you interested in the series, perhaps the players involved on the creative side will. Not only is Crowe involved, but Roadies also has J.J. Abrams in the executive producer chair and My So-Called Life‘s (a/k/a one of the greatest television shows, ever, and don’t you dare ever question me on this) Winnie Holzman showrunning the whole affair. Yes, we know: it is everything good you didn’t know you needed or wanted in a television show.

Also lined up to act alongside the co-stars are Imogen Poots, Rafe Spall, Peter Cambor, and one of Oberyn Martell’s Sand Snakes in season five, Game of Thrones‘ Keisha Castle-Hughes. So basically just shut up and take all of our time and subscription fees, Showtime. We’re ready for this Roadies business.

Will you tune into Roadies? Let us know in the comments.

HT: HitFix


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  1. Andrew Dupe says:

    I’ll be tuning in now!