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Christian Bale Will Play Steve Jobs in Aaron Sorkin’s Biopic

Because people’s desire for a movie about the Apple computer magnate wasn’t satiated by the Ashton Kutcher vehicle, Aaron Sorkin’s Steve Jobs biopic at Sony now has a leading man, according to an interview the writer-producer-wordsmith gave to Bloomberg Television. Sorkin said they were looking for the “best actor on the board in a certain age range and that’s Chris Bale.” That’s right, Oscar-winner and human metamorph Christian Bale will play the turtleneck’s best friend, beating out names like Matt Damon, Bradley Cooper, Ben Affleck, and Leonardo DiCaprio.

Here’s the pertinent interview snippet:

HT: The Verge

You might be thinking “Really? Christian Bale?” Or you might also be thinking “Of COURSE, it’s always Christian Bale,” but either way, you can’t deny the actor’s ability to transform. This is the man who’s played a strung out boxer, a serial killer, a paranoid schizophrenic, a guy who fought dragons, an overweight con artist, Jesus, Moses, and Batman — this guy can do anything!

Sorkin says in the interview that Bale will have his work cut out for him since he’s going to say “more words in this movie than most actors have in three movies,” which is actually just a common occurrence for all Sorkin scripts. An unsubstantiated or verified report by me says that The Social Network had more words in it than the Gideon Bible. Sorkin went on to say that there isn’t a single frame that Bale wouldn’t be in and “It’s a very difficult job…and he’s going to crush it.”

As yet, the Steve Jobs movie has no title, but it’s being made at Sony.

How do you think Bale will do as Steve Jobs? Will this be another win for Sorkin or is his fascination with technology moguls a bit played out? Let us know in the comments section of this post.

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  1. Lindsay Jordan says:

    I enjoy everything I can get from Aaron Sorkin!