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Chris Evans Tweets Emotional Farewell to CAPTAIN AMERICA and THE AVENGERS

This post contains possible spoilers for Avengers 4. Be warned!

Our fear for Avengers 4 is not that Earth’s remaining mightiest heroes won’t undo the ending of Infinity War, our fear is how devastating the cost will be to make that happen. To undo Thanos’s great dusting will almost certainly require great sacrifice. And as if he wasn’t already a prime candidate to lay down his life, we really aren’t optimistic Captain America will make it, after Chris Evans seemed to say goodbye to Steve Rogers for good.

Evans tweeted out he finished filming his final scenes for Avengers 4, but rather than sounding like it was a wrap on a single movie, it appears he was saying a fond, sad farewell to the MCU for good.

Oh no. OH NO. We knew this might happen, heck we’ve been preparing for the possibility since before Infinity War, and yet we are totally NOT ready for this.

We’re definitely not the only ones struggling with this.

Leave it to our own Dan Casey to find the gallows humor in anything.

Is it possible Evans is being intentionally deceptive here to throw us off the scent? Sure. And could be done with the role even though Captain America won’t actually die? It’s not impossible. So we’ll hold on to those slim chances until we see Avengers 4. He might have said goodbye to Steve Rogers, but we’re not saying goodbye to him until we really have to.

What do you expect to be Cap’s fate? Tell us in the comments below so we can start to mentally prepare for the worst.

Featured Image: Marvel

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