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Choose Your Champion on Samsung’s SOS ISLAND


It’s time to let your voice be heard. Yes, it happens all the time on the internet, but now you can shout about something cool. Samsung is launching a reality-competition webseries entitled SOS Island in which eight contestants, who have been whittled down from 16 during a furious bootcamp inflicted upon them by host Survivorman‘s Les Stroud, will compete on an island, for a chance to win that island. That’s right – whoever wins will own an ISLAND. Very Brando.

To do this, the contestants will be living off the land, and documenting it using Samsung’s Galaxy S4 Zoom, the only smartphone on the market with a 10x optical zoom, as well as the Samsung Galaxy NS, the 3G/4G and Wi-Fi capable camera that lets you upload pictures immediately without needing a plugin. Their pictures will be voted on by you, and the winners will advance. It’s up to you to pick the winner, you’ll need to Choose Your Champion.

But who are the contestants? Let’s meet the international cast now! (From the SOS Island website)

Rosy McMichael – Originally from Mexico, McMichael, 32, resides in Brownsville, Texas with her husband and 8-month-old son. The teacher-turned-make-up artist enjoys filming tutorials for millions of fans on her YouTube channel. She describes herself as fun, creative and positive—yet competitive.


Chris Thompson – After watching his original musical performances and light-hearted video blogs on YouTube, it becomes apparent that Thompson doesn’t shy away from the spotlight. The Los Angeles resident, who will do just about anything for a laugh, is not all fun and games. Thompson, 31, says he’s a very loyal friend who is always there to lend a hand.


Karen Constant – Constant, 26, is a teacher during the day. But when she goes to her home in Boston, she’s known to the YouTube community as ‘Glam Fun.’ With over one million subscribers, she creates beauty tutorials that are aimed to entertain and often incorporate music into her videos. Karen loves to keep her viewers on their toes, so one never knows which hairdo she’ll be sporting. Constant is determined to win SOS Island with her fierce and bubbly personality.


Liron Maimon – Referred to as “The Machine” by his friends, Maimon, 26, is in top-notch shape, running more than 20 miles a day. He maintains a strict diet and is a self-proclaimed perfectionist. His competitive instinct and discipline may prove an advantage over his opponents.


Mert Erdir – Erdir, 19, is a passionate photographer and a big fan of survival challenges. Never one to shy away from the spotlight, Erdir once competed on Turkey’s ‘Who Wants to be a Millionaire.’ He has also always dreamed of owning his own island.



Brittany Joyal – Joyal, 22, resides in Hollywood, Calif. A YouTube sensation in her own right, Joyal dropped out of college to make videos for a living. She is ready for anything thrown her way, armed with her quick wit and spunky personality.



Graham Hughes – Setting the world record in 2012 as the first person to travel to all 201 countries without flying, Hughes is up for adventure. The 34-year-old also set the Guinness World Record for the most countries visited in one year without flying-133 countries total. Hughes also hosts his own TV show, “Graham’s World,” which documents his travels. When he’s not traveling, he enjoys writing and directing short films for his Liverpool-based company, Hydra Studios.


Jo Crawshaw – A UK-native and fitness fanatic, the 27-year-old Crawshaw is excited to be living out her dream in Johannesburg, South Africa. Crawshaw recently opened a boxing studio specializing in teaching young girls self-defense. When not in the studio, she enjoys singing, playing guitar and writing her column ‘Techs and the City,’ which discusses love and dating in the digital age.

Who do you think will win? Who would you like to win? You can watch new episodes and Choose Your Champion on SOS Island.

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  1. Joe The Gamer says:

    I want an Island. I am going to watch!!!!! I vote for Jo Crawshaw.

  2. David says:

    Really? At least label it as a sponsored ad…