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The Witch-War Continues in CHILLING ADVENTURES OF SABRINA #8 (Preview)

It may be slow to come out – 8 issues in three years, give or take – but Chilling Adventures of Sabrina continues to prove it’s worth the wait. Thanks to a killer story from Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and stunning artwork from Robert Hack, this series remains one of the best horror comics in publication. It’s weird, demented, and unsettling, all while salting in strange bits of humor and nostalgia. We love the hell out of it.

It’s that dark, rich love that makes us so honored to present this preview of Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #8 to you. The book hits stands Wednesday, August 16 and it’s an absolute must read. This issue is the second in the “Witch-War” arc, which sounds pretty intense. Now, you may look at the preview below and think, “that doesn’t look too creepy.” Sabrina used her powers to resurrect her dead boyfriend and now she’s off to reunite with him, which sounds sweet in a kinda backward way, right? Yeah, well, if you’ve been reading the series you know that the resurrected boyfriend’s body is actually inhabited by the spirit of Sabrina’s dad. That’ right, her dad. That certainly ups the demented creepy factor, doesn’t it?

Chilling Adventures of Sabrina #8 from Archie Comics

The art on these pages is superb. Hack is well-known for his awesome comic covers, but he’s a fantastic storyteller and his interiors deserve just as much praise. His coloring is also a real standout, as you can tell from the preview. The muted earth tones splashed with the red of Sabrina’s shirt draw your eye across the page guiding your experience perfectly. This series may have a sporadic release schedule, but Hack can take as long as he needs because we are willing to wait for pages like this.

Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and Robert Hack have created a truly sick world here and we can’t get enough. Aguirre-Sacasa clearly loves torturing Archie characters, since he’s the brain behind Afterlife with Archie and the CW’s Riverdale. With the success of Riverdale and Archie Comics new television deal, we know that more of their comics will be heading to the small screen very soon. Personally, we’d love to see a Chilling Adventures of Sabrina series. It’d be so messed up and so good, guys.

Check out the preview below and then head to your local comic shop and pick up your copy. Archie Comics are the publisher to beat, lately. They are killing it – literally in some cases – on all fronts.


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