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Check Out Hot Toys’ New Undercover Jyn Erso and ‘Alien Girl’ Figures

Check Out Hot Toys’ New Undercover Jyn Erso and ‘Alien Girl’ Figures

It was the most memorable hero shot in the Rogue One: A Star Wars Story trailer. It was the perfect meshing of new heroine with familiar Star Wars iconography. And thanks to Hot Toys, it is finally a figure.

Behold Jyn Erso in Imperial Disguise:


Based somewhat on the iconic Death Star Gunners, this Imperial uniform belongs to the ground crew, who have the thankless job of waving lit batons to guide spacecrafts to their landing pads. We’re hoping they get combat pay, or at least that surviving family members get military pensions, because frankly, they all ended up dead on Scarif. But knowing how much Darth Vader likes to alter bargains, he probably adjusts the benefits clauses after death and nobody dares say anything about it.

This version of Jyn is “an exclusive item only available in selected markets,” one of which being Sideshow Toys’ website, where you can preorder her now. Here’s hoping a Hasbro Black Series version follows–Jyn looks way cooler as an infiltrator in this armor than in the more generic Jedha outfit that’s become her default action figure attire so far.


While Jyn represents very much the modern female action figure model–tactical, practically adorned, and ready to beat the boys at anything they can do–Alien Girl is an odd throwback to figures of the late ’90s and early aughts, when scantily clad and super-powered “Bad Girls” were the trend in comics and designer figure lines. It’s hard to know how to discuss this particular odd mashup in this day and age, but I think I can go this far: H.R. Giger‘s iconic xenomorph design was always loaded with subconscious erotic subtext. Alien Girl makes it conscious, and text.

At age 15 I would have wanted this figure above all others. At [undisclosed current age], I raise an eyebrow and go, “Huh. Wonder who thought that up?” The answer: “Hong Kong multimedia artist Mr. Elphonso Lam.” She comes with a base that resembles an alien queen head carapace and a gun that looks like the Engineer’s cockpit, and she’s also up for preorder at Sideshow Toys. The figure features two different, interchangeable face sculpts, one realistic and one anime-style. That’s an option we’d like to see more often and on a wider range of figures, frankly.


You can check out many more images of both lethal ladies in our gallery below. Whichever you prefer, the sculpting on both is impeccable.

Who’ll be your Hot Toys heroine du jour? Is there room for both on your shelves, and if so, who would win in a firefight? Leave us some comments, because in cyberspace, we can hear you scream.

Images: Hot Toys

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