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Check Out Every Marvel Cinematic Easter Egg Up To THOR: THE DARK WORLD

With Guardians of the Galaxy out this weekend, we’re less than a year away from seeing the end of Marvel’s “Phase 2” for their Marvel Cinematic Universe with Avengers: Age of Ultron. Because of that, we’re starting to think about everything we’ve seen since Iron Man hit theaters in 2008. Marvel really has been playing a heck of a long game with us, and that’s abundantly clear in this new 12-minute compilation MTV put together for all the easter eggs that have been featured in the film universe thus far. Check it out:

Some of those, like the flashback meeting with Yinsen, were clearly thought of after the fact, but things like the Tesseract drawing from Iron Man 2 really gives you an idea of how every tiny detail in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is important. You never know when what might come in to play in a later film. No other studio is doing what Marvel is on this a level: planting microscopic clues in films that not only give you a sense of the universe’s scale, but also informing you on things like chronology. At this point, Marvel has earned our undying loyalty (even on something like Ant-Man, which has been through a sort of troubling pre-production thus far). But, if Marvel has faith they can make something work, then we should too because if it wasn’t for their desire to prove the world wrong, The Avengers never would have happened in the first place.

Which easter egg is your favorite? Let us know in the comments below!

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  1. Vince says:

    “Sorry. this video is unavailable from your location.”Don’t like Canada anymore? 

  2. Saturday says:

    this was good

  3. Jonathan says:

    FYI: the Salieri/Mozart thing is based on the play/film “Amadeus,” not on real life.

  4. Brian Martin says:

    Stan Lee has appeared in EVERY Marvel movie with his cameos. He’s the hot dog vendor in X-Men when the senator comes ashore after Magneto turns him into a mutant. So that would make it about 11 or more cameos that Lee has. It was a part of the contract that he signed years ago. He will be in them all. Although I missed his cameo in Guardians of the Galaxy, I’m sure he was in there and it will only take seeing it again to find him.

    • noname says:

      XMen isn’t part of the MCU. 

    • Daniel says:

      Stan Lee’s cameo on Guardians of The Galaxy is that he was talking to a woman on a bridge, and Rocket makes fun of him, saying he’s probably and rich old man taking advantage of a “poor” gold digger…laughed my ass off!

  5. Oracle’s a real company…

  6. Petey says:

    You forgot the only true Indy reference in Cap. In the beginning Red Skull says “While Hitler is digging in the desert for trinkets.” Wonder what that could be??

  7. Manya says:

    Iron Man was NOT the first cameo that Stan Lee has done, his first cameo was in the X-Men.

    • Aaron says:

      It was his first cameo in a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, X-men is a different company and universe.

  8. irene says:

    You missed the one in Captain America: The First Avenger when Bucky tells Steve they’re going to the future. A reference to Steve waking up from the ice 67 years later and Bucky surviving the fall and becoming the winter soldier (thus also living long enough to go to the future).

    • Paul says:

      Dude, that makes no sense…It’s not even a form of easter egg neither it is a reference.
      It’s like me saying “go to hell” And later the person dies and go to hell. It doesn’t make any sense

  9. This guy says:

    Saying “Every Marvel…” is a bit misleading as you don’t mention the X-Men, Wolverine or even Fantastic 4 Movies. 

    • Draugo says:

      Since those are not Marvel movies but instead movies about Marvel characters it’s not misleading at all.

    • iJuanAyala says:

      They mean every film by Marvel Studios, which have connected story lines and characters while the X-Men, Fantastic 4 and Spiderman movies are owned by other studios not affiliated with these films.

  10. Adam says:

    Ok two things they kind of got wrong include the fact that Raza was an alien from space and was a good guy. Nothing like the guy from the comics. Secondly, Earth 616 refers to the mainstream Marvel Universe in the comics. The Marvel Cinematic Universe is actually numbered as 199999.

  11. TallMatt says:

    My favorite Easter egg was when Elon Musk was in Iron Man 2 and wanted to talk to Tony later about an electric jet engine. 

  12. Robert Locas says:

    Can someone please make these available in Canada, really frustrating!

  13. Imeffedup says:

    the doctor that made the super soldier serum’s last name is Erksine not… whatever you said

  14. Jeremy says:

    Oracle is a real company, and that was its real CEO Larry Ellison

  15. thephantomcat says:

    The reference to meeting Yensin was in the first Iron Man.  He said he met him at a party and he was rude to him. 

  16. Jeremy says:

    This was actually really fun and informative to watch, thank you! How about one with Agents of Shield now? They have so much in that show its kinda ridiculous. 

  17. Majun says:

    Actually, Stan Lee’s cameo in Iron Man is not his first cameo on a Marvel Movie. . He was in every Marvel movie starting from the year 2000. 
    But if you’re talking about the New Phase of Marvel Movies, then his cameo in Iron Man is his first cameo in the Marvel Phase 1, 2, 3 

  18. alpha says:

    great video!

    thank you for all the work!

    i personal like the Stan-Lee-Szenes a lot!

  19. Of course I would comment  but I cannot see the video!!!

  20. not sure if they are trying to be cute or what but Oracle is a real company even though they seem to point it out twice as being a fake one next to real companies. Well it is Mtv after all.

  21. Amunous says:

    Stan lee is in daredevil as well he gets stopped from stepping onto the street.

  22. jack says:

    Someone needs to tell them that Stan Lee was in Hulk too. Security guard with Lou. 

  23. Tyson Hinton says:

    That is not Raza in Ironman. Raza is an alien, one of the Starjammers and his rights are over at Fox with the X-Men.

    The Human Torch shown here is the design for the original human torch who was an android and not the Human Torch from Fantastic Four fame.

    Tons of easter eggs missing like the the area that Thor saves in one of the scenes from when the frost giants invaded earth a thousand years ago is the same area where Red Skull goes to find the tesseract.

  24. Travis says:

    Adam Warlock and The Collector are two different characters! How about a little fact checking?!

  25. Nice video. I can’t wait to see the addition of Guardians. I caught some references, but I’m sure I missed plenty.

  26. Alareth says:

    Someone needs to check their dictionary for the definition of “every”
    A lot of easter eggs are missing

  27. Somebody needs to tell them that Oracle is a real company.

    • Anthony Adams says:

      I was just getting ready to post that.

    • Wraith says:

      No kidding. A simple Google search would have shown them that in as the first hit. How lazy. 

    • Chrisbee says:

      And not to mention that was the real head of Oracle, Larry Ellison.

    • When someone mentioned that on the original post over at MTV, the MTV dude who wrote the post made some sort of half-assed reply, but then deleted his reply after a bunch of people disliked it.

    • Esra Caglayan says:

      Plus the second time you see the Oracle sign it’s together with the sign for Sun Microsystems which is part of Oracle.