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Check Out Empire Magazine’s Behind-the-Scenes Photos from SPECTRE

Okay, who’s excited for the new James Bond movie? Everyone?

Yeah, I thought so. Well, you don’t have to wait too long. Spectre will be released on November 6, again directed by Sam Mendes and starring the one and only Daniel Craig. This will mark Craig’s fourth performance as Bond, and we know he said it will be his last, but… I feel like it’s unlikely.

To get you fired up to see the movie, Empire Magazine has released a bunch of behind-the-scenes photos from the set. And what do you know? We have some. Check out the gallery below.

Wondering what the story is? Spectre will follow Bond as he travels to Mexico and Rome, where he (naturally) meets a beautiful widow (played by Monica Bellucci) of an infamous criminal. He then infiltrates a secret meeting and uncovers the existence of the sinister organization called Spectre. Bond embarks on a tough-as-hell mission to find the daughter of an old nemesis, moving closer to the heart of Spectre and uncovering deep, dark secrets about himself and his enemy (Christoph Waltz).

Aside from the key players, Spectre stars a slew of well-known faces such as Lea Seydoux (from Blue is the Warmest Color), Ben Whishaw (The Danish Girl), Naomie Harris (reprising the role of Moneypenny, from Skyfall), David Bautista (Guardians of the Galaxy), and Ralph Fiennes (Lord Voldemort in Harry Potter).

Are you ready for the next installment of 007 action-packed awesomeness? Hit us up with your thoughts down below, after you’ve checked out the Gallery of course.

HT:Empire Magazine/Sony Pictures

IMAGES: Sony Pictures


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