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Check Out An All New Three Minute Trailer For ARROW

Because two major television spots for various Marvel properties and the first full length trailer for Transformers: Age of Extinction isn’t enough to satisfy the cravings of the internet, DC and The CW have offered up a brand new, oversize three minute trailer for the next few episodes of Arrow.


The most recent episode left us on pins and needles as Slade walked into Oliver’s present day life to say, “What’s up?” Now, with all of these new clips, it appears a war is about to break out on the streets of Starling City between The Arrow and a man who everyone will come to know as Deathstroke. Add to that new footage featuring the return of The Huntress and the introduction of The Suicide Squad, and we got ourselves one heck of an arc to close out the second season on one of television’s favorite comic book shows.

It also appears like Roy is going to be getting some much deserved fight time, but it’s against Slade, so we know he’s screwed.

Take a look; whaddya think? Post comments below….

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  1. Sheila S says:

    DC rules the Television and Animated movie market and Marvel rules live action movies. Why can’t Marvel make a decent animated movie or decent live action television show….ONE NAME…JEFF LOEB…
    Anybody remember how HEROES went way down. JEFF LOEB

  2. Vandeawesome says:

    This show is so freaking good. It has a few freshmen hiccups that I think were more CW pressured love twist in its first season but aside from that this show is the closest tv gets to the same feeling I get when reading a comic.
    I am totally OK with some of the liberties they’ve taken on the characters because it just runs so smoothly that I picture it more of a DC Earth (insert unused number here) than a live action version of DC Earth 2.
    Why can’t Marvel get it this right? Agents of Shield is so dull and cheesy (in a very bad way) and this revamped half season doesn’t look that promising either…and that’s coming from someone who owns every Deathlok comic. 🙁

  3. Scott says:

    Whoever is the showrunner for Arrow needs to oversee the movies in the same way that Joss Whedon is doing for Marvel.

  4. Jessica Duffy says:

    I totally agree. DC does infinitely better at TV than movies.

  5. Christopher says:

    Man, this show keeps upping the ante. If only the DC cinematic universe was this good.