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Change The System With This Portable NINTENDO 64

Forget about HD remakes. This Nintendo 64 console mod is all you need to help you relive your childhood in the palm of your hands.

The modder known as Bungle has found a way to change the system that gamers grew up to love and adore into a sleek and compact device of awesome. The handheld N64 uses a 3.5″ screen, a Rumble Pak, an Expansion Pak, a GameCube analog stick, and has a battery life that can last you a bit over four hours.

Watch it in action below:

And while you can’t exactly play GoldenEye 64 with your friends using the handheld mod, it’s still a pretty nifty retro device. Luckily, Bungle plans on creating more portable N64s to sell to the masses, so it looks like everyone will get the opportunity to “Get N” once again, very soon.

HT: Kotaku

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  1. Matthew says:

    How much money are you charging

  2. TheHolyDrumstick says:

    Screen size is a bit small isn’t it

  3. Yes, I also really like nintendo 64 advance features. Nintendo 64 features support for both Expansion and Rumble Packs, custom buttons, a legitimate N64 analog stick and internal memory.

  4. GreyWolf says:

    Not only do I want this so badly it hurts … especially if the suggestion to make it linkable to at least one other unit if not networkable to a full 4-player game ability is incorporated … but maybe take a cue from newer smart phones and include an HDMI jack so you could plug it into a TV if available? Perhaps as an upgraded version option.

    And yeah … no matter what fire up that Kickstarter, I am so THERE …

  5. Dude…..He should add a few controller ports on the back somewhere….and a video output. That way, if you WANT to play with other people, you can just run a wire from your controller to the TV (not much different than a controller wire from your console to you on your couch)……and then just have then friend you’re playing with sit next to you and plug into your controller! I know the idea of this is so that it’s portable, but it would still be a cool option! great project bro keep it up!

  6. Dalton says:

    There’s already a SNES version, it plays original NES cartridges and SNES also. And you can plug the hand held it self into the TV and plug controllers into the handheld to play them multiplayer.

  7. reaper says:

    umm do u realize one missing button n they epic fail make n64 pad

  8. Mef says:

    Make the screen a bit bigger, and make it linkable to 2-3 other handhelds for multiplayer and i’ll buy em!

  9. Beef Supreme says:

    Great idea, but yeah; needs a bigger screen for me to make it rain. Adapting to accommodate that might also make room for a bigger battery?

  10. ted says:

    Separate the handles put a 7 inch tablet screen in the middle and I would seriously drop $200 or more if it had more features

    • dude says:

      pffft, you know how much time and effort that dude put into that??? doesn’t even come close to 200 bucks. 

  11. Saltybeernut says:

    Volvo please, We need this. VOLVO FIX

  12. Derek says:

    SNES and NES ones are available, I’ve seen brand new ones for $80 at a pawn shop here, Google it for more info cuz I guarantee you can buy them online too. They look like really big Game Gears, plus you can plug them into a TV and use it as an actual system.

  13. Torre says:

    BRILLIANT! They’re great as they are but if you can make 2 Nintendo purple I’d get those. Otherwise I want 2. I seriously need to get these maybe ready by Christmas but sooner the better. I’ll pay whatever price especially for a gsmecube mod.

  14. Holytotemic says:

    Make them linkable for two player games!!!

  15. DReader says:

    Maybe he could make a SNES version too? Please? 100% instant buy, I love some retro gaming on the weekends 🙂

  16. dj says:


  17. Christopher Garcia says:

    As a paid intern at the US Nintendo headquarters, i can safely tell you that if you pitch this to my boss, he will definitely make this happen. An inspiring idea to revive classic consoles is just what Nintendo ordered. I sadly can not pitch this for you but i can get you in contact with my employer. This is an amazing idea dude, keep on rocking.

  18. Ty Wales says:

    I would totally rock one of these in my overnight bag while traveling. Never have anything to pass the time while on the road for work. I had a smile on my face the whole video thinking about playing these awesome games once again.

  19. Brad says:

    Put this on Kickstarter and I’ll contribute

  20. Vicente says:

    Hell yeah, sign me up for first in line.