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Celebrities Warn Against The Dangers of Binge Watching

Now that summer is winding down, you may feel the need to catch up on some of the shows that you missed while you were at the beach or finishing finals last spring. The stars of the shows you may most be tempted to binge-watch have an important message for you: Don’t binge-watch. From Chris Pratt, Retta and Amy Poehler from Parks and Recreation, to Laura Prepon and Kate Mulgrew from Orange is the New Black, the stars of Hollywood want to make sure you are fully aware of what you are getting yourself into when you make plans to binge-watch a show. Take their advice seriously. You don’t want to get hurt.

Here are the do’s and don’ts of binge-watching. Do hydrate, remember to take breaks, take snack breaks, have a good internet connection. Don’t cross contaminate while binging – one show only; watch more than 13 episodes – you may go crazy; binge watch CNN – you will never finish; dabble in narcotics – that’s how TV is made, not consumed; and most importantly straight from the Star-Lord, don’t spoil plot points for non-viewers.

These celebrities only have your best interests at heart. As Alyson Hannigan mentions, binge-watching and the after effects can be a leading cause of telling long and extremely drawn out storytelling that your family will not thank you for subjecting them to once you start. Sound like a familiar sitcom that just ended? And the ladies of Pretty Little Liars fear you may start seeing danger and conspiracy at every turn. At least the men of Veronica Mars admit that there are perks to binge watching. Francis Capra quips bluntly, “The more you binge-watch, the more we binge-make.” So not all is lost if you do fall down the rabbit hole of streaming your favorite shows in lead up to their season premieres. Just remember: Binge safely when you must.

The final season of Parks and Recreation is set to air soon but no exact date is confirmed. Orange is the New Black‘s season 3 premiere date is unconfirmed but casting news is starting to go public so we’re hoping soon! Pretty Little Liars will air mid-2015. Veronica Mars fans are still rejoicing that the whole cast is on board for the new spin-off web series Play It Again Dick which premieres next month. And binge safely until all your favorite shows are back. You don’t want to pull anything.

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  1. @T_Magus666 says:

    A bit long in the tooth but funny.

  2. Erick The Redd says:

    I think the most important, real piece of advice is DON’T SPOIL PLOT POINTS FOR NON WATCHERS!  While its not really a “Spoiler” once something has aired, there’s nothing worse than say, working at 6am Monday so you can’t watch Game of Thrones the night before because you sleep, then you go on Facebook Monday and 19 of your friends go “OH MY GOD THEY KILLED ________”.

  3. NickDB says:

    Left out a fairly important word before “Dabble in narcotics” in the article.

  4. Adam says:

    This video makes no sense at all lol

  5. First Name says:

    I don’t know who more than half of these people are, I feel so behind

  6. twitter_SweetGeekling says:

    This is terrific!

  7. Tom says:

    i’m currently bing watching chosen on Crackle, dark twisted drama.  

  8. crcormier says:

    Wait, the kids on How I Met Your Mother were just imaginary?

  9. Hai says:

    Oh Jerry !