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Celebrate SUPERNATURAL Day with a Winchester Tea Party

The Winchester boys have been driving their beloved Impala through our lives for twelve seasons, and this year the show has announced that September 13 shall henceforth be known as official Supernatural Day. That’s the date when the show first launched on The CW way back in 2005, and fans and the cast all plan to get in on the action to celebrate.

When I interviewed the cast at Comic-Con this year, I asked them if they could create or eat any Supernatural themed-food, what would it be? And while showrunner Andrew Dabb spoke of the deliciousness of werewolves (we’ll have to trust him on that one), Jared Padelecki echoed meat lovers’ sentiment and Misha Collins felt angel food was appropriate. Jensen Ackles’ new taco obsession led to his recommendation to toast your burrito first to get the full flavor effect. Wendigo burritos, anyone?

To commemorate the show’s enduring fan faithfulness and many on-camera tributes to food, I’ve put together a special Hunter’s tea party for the SPNfamily to celebrate their love of the show.


Everything for this party is an easy DIY, from the teacups to the food. If you’re on the move, saving people, hunting things–you know, the family business–just make a few adjustments to some off the shelf items and you’ve got yourself a fool-proof, elegant shindig.

The Tea

Set the scene with a dark backdrop and lots and lots of flannel. (Those Winchesters love their plaid shirts.) Use the fabric as a tablecloth and cut up a few squares to use as napkins. If you’re throwing a Supernatural party, you’ve got to make sure Baby is present. A mini model Impala fits right in with the table decor.


Teacups from your local dollar store (saucer included!) are an easy bargain; just add a decal and and your anti-possession tea service is ready to go. Speaking of anti-possession, Adiago Teas sells fandom blends and their Anti-Possession Tea is described as “a bright minty and sweet blend with just a lingering hint of darkness.” Perfect.

Loose leaf tea means you’ll need an infuser, but you can add Castiel’s little angel wings to the end of the chain to help pull you out of hell–I mean, pull out your tea.

The Sweets

Onto Dean’s favorite pastimes, eating! Fallen Angelfood Cakes can be store bought with added burned Angel wings. Hot Crossroads Buns are King’s Hawaiian sweet rolls with a touch of icing for the cross. Eat a few of these and you’ll surely want to make a deal with a demon.


Dean loves pie. Thankfully, it’s quick and easy to put together when you buy mini pre-made crusts and fill them with ready made pie filling. Yes, I know the exact quote is, “I hope your apple pie was freakin’ worth it,” but I went with cherry as an ode to Dean’s love of rock music (Warrant’s “Cherry Pie”) and because this is the best cherry pie gif ever:


Pudding comes up a few times in Supernatural and the dessert acts as a quick stand-in for mousse. Since Crowley’s phone brings up Sam as “Moose” and Dean as “Not-Moose,” these two flavors of pudding will do just fine if you’re hosting the King of Hell.


Finally, if you plan on putting a spirit to rest, salting and burning is the way to go. First things first, encircle the treats in a ring of salt. Caramels are savory and sweet, just like a favorite Trickster snack. Serve them with a little bottle of Kosher salt to keep the spirits at bay.

Check out more images from our Supernatural tea party in the gallery below.

Will you be hosting a Hunter’s tea party? Let us know in the comments and tag @nerdist and @justjenn on Twitter to tell us how you’re celebrating #SupernaturalDay!

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Images: Jenn Fujikawa


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