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Celebrate Halloween Every Day with These Adorable Monster Gifs

Nerdoween, our month long celebration of all things ghoulish, creepy and awesome, continues today with yet another great, daily salute to our favorite holiday, with these fantastic and funny gifs of the most famous characters and monsters in Halloween history. Every day this month one Twitter user has sent out a new and awesome little clip that somehow makes the dark and nefarious into something light and joyous.

You will definitely want to follow babooncreation on Twitter to see all of these awesome gifs, but we just have to draw attention to a few of our absolute favorites.

Day 1

The added bonus of the usually slow-plodding monster wearing a Flash t-shirt is clearly after our nerd hearts.

Day 5

Anyone else get an “all right, pie. I’m going to start doing this…and if you get eaten, it’s your own fault” vibe? You know, but instead of eating a pie he violently murders a young co-ed.

Day 8

That bathing suit – oh man, that’s fantastic. I demand someone make that your costume next week.

Day 13

Aww, that’s the most adorable cannibal ever. You’d almost want to have him eat your brain.

Day 18

What I’ve learned from these great little gifs is that it turns out I really love violent serial killers that have a joyous hop in their step. Gray skies are gonna clear up, stab someone in the face!

Day 19

I would have guessed this would have been the perfect one for October 31st, but we aren’t complaining about seeing Michael Myers trick-or-treating with the glee of a small child.

Don’t forget to follow along on Twitter to see what other great gifs comes up this final October week.

Which one is your favorite? What other Halloween monster would you like to see included? Treat us to your ideas in the comments below.

Image: Twitter/babooncreation

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