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Exclusive: Celebrate DOCTOR WHO with THE DOCTOR’S FINEST Hosted by Hannah Hart

Christmas seems such a long time ago now, doesn’t it? While we’re certainly not missing the cold weather, we do miss Doctor Who, since Christmas was the last time it was on. And we do have to wait until September 19th for Series 9 to start, so what on Earth (or Skaro) are we going to do until then!? Well, luckily BBC America has us covered with six whole weeks of Who programming leading up to the premiere. In The Doctor’s Finest, some of the most essential Doctor Who episodes will be presented with new material, hosted by My Drunk Kitchen host, devoted Who fan and all-around awesome human being, Hannah Hart, and produced right here at Nerdist!

Hannah will be introducing a curated list of eight episodes from the modern era that exemplify why the Doctor is the hero we all wish we could be, or at least the one we wish were in our corner. She’ll be joined by very special guests from all over the realm of entertainment to discuss the episodes, plus interviews with cast and crew about the legacy of them and how each fits into the canon of the Who-niverse.

What kind of guests? Well, how about comedian Sara Schaefer, bot-builder Grant Imahara, YouTube megastar Jimmy Wong, Chameleon Circuit leader Charlie McDonnell, and the actress who plays Osgood on the durn show, Ingrid Oliver?!

The schedule kicks off Saturday, August 15th, at 8:00pm ET/PT with “Blink,” which I think most people will agree is a pret-ty good place to start. The full schedule is as follows:

Saturday, August 15
8:00pm ET – Blink
9:15pm ET – The Waters of Mars

Saturday, August 22
8:00pm ET – The End of Time

Saturday, August 29
8:00pm ET – Vincent and the Doctor
9:15pm ET – The Doctor’s Wife

Saturday, September 5
8:00pm ET – The Day of the Doctor

Saturday, September 12
8:00pm ET – The Time of the Doctor

Friday, September 18
8:00pm ET – Deep Breath

That’s a hefty helping of Who, and it’s all leading up to the big day, Saturday, September 19th, when BBC America will premiere the first Series 9 episode, “The Magician’s Apprentice,” written by Steven Moffat and directed by “Blink” director Hettie MacDonald.

Are you stoked? What do you think of the episodes chosen? They only had eight slots and a lot of time and space to cover, after all. Let us know in the comments below!

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