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CBS Announces Official STAR TREK Podcast “Engage”

“Captain’s Log: Podcast 1…….uh, 1:

Welcome everyone, this is our first time doing this. I’m sitting here with my tea—Earl Gray, hot—and we’re gonna be talking all things Enterprise on this new podcast. First up, why do we keep using the holodeck even though it’s malfunctioned and nearly killed us numerous times? I do not know. But that’s our topic for today.”

Podcasts, the final a frontier, have embraced nearly every conceivably facet of pop culture over the past few years. And now Star Trek will be getting its very own official entry: CBS announced that their new podcast dedicated to the franchise, titled “Engage,” will release three one-hour episodes on June 15, followed by a new episode every week.

The show will be hosted by Jordan Hoffman, writer of the “One Trek Mind” blog at, and his first guests will be Weird Al Yankovic and television director Adam Nimoy, the late Leonard Nimoy’s son.

They say that the podcast is “aimed at both fans old and new,” and will see the host “interact with enthusiasts, interview guests, and argue the minutiae of this beloved 50-year-old fictional universe.” The show will use the podcast platform, but in addition to getting it there you’ll also be able to download episodes on iTunes and at

This is another part of CBS’s big push to make Star Trek a focal point of the company, because next year they are bringing a whole new Star Trek series to their subscription streaming service All Access.

We’ve been arguing Star Trek minutiae forever, so it’ll be nice to see it being done officially.

But seriously, why is the holodeck so dangerous?

What topics would you like to hear them discuss on the new podcast? Engage our comments section with your thoughts.

Image: CBS

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