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Catch The Livestream and Liveblog of the PlayStation Experience Opening Keynote

Editors Note: This post will be updated as developments occur throughout the keynote. To see these updates, be sure to refresh the page.

20 years of PlayStation have lead up to this moment: the first official PlayStation fan convention, and we’re getting ready to dive head first into the PlayStation Experience opening keynote. Will the boys and girls of PlayStation be unveiling any new IPs? What will David Jaffe show in conjunction with Sony San Diego? What are the details on how to obtain one of those sleek looking 20th anniversary edition PlayStation 4 consoles? You’ll be able to follow along and find out all of the juicy details live right here for the entire keynote.

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Reminder: This post will be updated as developments occur throughout the keynote. To see these updates, be sure to refresh the page.

12:15 PM- Alright folks, and that about does it for today. Make sure to keep it locked on as well as twitter for the latest coming from the PlayStation Experience.

12:19 PM- PSX attendees will be able to play Drawn To Death and give feedback on the show floor.

12:15 PM- Jaffe just announced Drawn to Death, a fast-paced arena shooter with an art style that comes straight off of a high school kids notebook. Gorgeous!

12:14 PM- Here comes the megaton, guys! David Jaffe is on the stage. Will it be a new Twisted Metal? Will it be God of War?

12:11 PM- Guys, I’m really excited about this game!


12:09 PM- Who’s ready for some No Man’s Sky? We’re getting ready to see how massive the game is.

12:03 PM- Final Fantasy VII HD will release exclusively on the PS4 Spring 2015.

12:00 PM- Square Enix is on stage flashing Final Fantasy VII screens. The HD remaster is happening!


11:55 AM- Supermassive is giving us an exclusive look at new footage for Until Dawn. It reminds me a lot of a point-and-click Scream movie.

11:47 AM- Media Molecule is giving us a demo of Tearaway Unfolded, the PS4 version of the highly praised PS Vita title. It looks so much better on the big screen running in 60 frames per second.


11:41 AM- Ready At Dawn is on stage to give us a live demo of The Order: 1886. “The Order: 1886 does during gameplay what games of the past could only render in cutscenes.”

11:34 AM- Sony Santa Monica is bringing Fat Princess back to the PlayStation 4.

11:33 AM- Day of the Tentacle: Special Edition is coming to PS4 and PS Vita, by way of Double Fine.

11:30 AM- Grim Fandango Remastered will be playable here at PSX. The game launches on January 27 across all platforms.

11:28 AM- The man, the myth, the legend, Tim Schafer, has hit the stage and announced Broken Age for PS3, Ps4 and PS Vita.

11:27 AM- Suikoden I and II, Octodad, and Resident Evil Revelations all announced along with a slew of other PlayStation Vita titles. Also, Super Time Force Ultra will feature Yoshida as a character.

11:20 AM- Yakuza 5 confirmed coming to PS3 in North America, finally!

11:18 AM- Now we’re getting the world premiere of SFV gameplay!


11:17 AM- Ono is on stage given us more details on Street Fighter V. It will absolutely be exclusive to PS4 and PC, and will also feature cross-platform gameplay between PC and PS4.

11:15 AM- Adam Boyes has taken the stage to shed light on Street Fighter V! He makes light of yesterday’s leaked trailer, before kicking right into it.


11:10 AM- Rocksteady is on hand to give us the conclusion to the Batman: Arkham Knight Ace Chemicals Infiltration trailer series.

11:08 AM- Yes, we definitely just saw Kratos in Shovel Knight. Kratos is becoming the Lil’ Wayne of video game cameos.


11:04 AM- EA’s Peter Moore just came on stage and announced that Need For Speed: Most Wanted for Vita, Mirrors Edge for PS3, and Plants Vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare for PS4 are all for free for the duration of PSX.


10:59 AM- SuperGiant Games is bringing their classic Bastion over to the PS Vita and PS4! If you’ve played Transistor, I highly recommend giving this a spin!

10:58 AM- Yes! Persona 5 is coming to North America for the PS3, PS4 and vita.

10:57 AM- Another steam game, The Forest, is making its way to PS4. So many PS games! So many!


10:54 AM- Killing Floor 2 announced for the PS4. Steam users rejoice! This is the first time the series has made its way to console.

10:51 AM- Ultra Street Fight IV just confirmed for the PlayStation 4. All of the DLC, characters and costumes available right out of the box. Sony’s aiming to when the FGC gamer’s heart.

10:50 AM- We’re getting an exclusive sneak peak at the Destiny expansion.


10:48 AM- Adam Boyes just took the stage and introduced a bunch of activities that will be available at PSX. Now he’s speaking about Destiny.

10:43 AM- In true From Software fashion, the bosses are huge, ugly, and difficult. Fans of the Souls series are in for a treat.


10:37 AM- Hideaka Miyazaki of From Software is now on stage. Looks like some Bloodporne is about to happen. Oops! I mean… Bloodbourne.

10:35 AM- Christian Phillips from San Diego Studios has taken the stage. Just introduced a free-to-play game called Kill Strain. Looks like PlayStation is getting even more serious about the F2P market.

10:31 AM- Sony San Diego is on stage showing some MLB The Show 15. Yes folks, sports.

10:30 AM- The trailer ended with the introduction of a new character, who referred to Nathan Drake as “little brother”. We knew Drake was an orphan, but it looks like he does has family outside of his mentor Victor Sullivan.

10:28 AM- Drake is also equipped with a grappling hook, which he can use to clear gaps between ledges. He can also do a sweet swing attack combo with this as well.

10:26 AM- Well if it wasn’t apparent this is a live demo, than there you have it. Nathan Drake falls through the bottom of the map. The crowd applauds the demo driver for taking on this tough task.

10:18 AM- It looks like Uncharted has adapted the “pick axe” element from Tomb Raider. A brand new gameplay mechanic for the series.

10:13 AM- And PLayStation kicks things off strong, showing some gameplay from the new Uncharted. It… is… so.. beautiful.

10:11 AM – Shawn Layden has taken the stage and the crowd is electrified. “PlayStation 4 is the fastest selling console of all time.

10:10 AM – Alright folks, things are finally underway! Looks like things are opening with a touching PlayStation montage of upcoming releases.

10:07 AM – People are still being seated, so in typical PlayStation fashion, the keynote will kick off a bit late. No worries though, it normally ends up being worth it.

10:00 AM – Things just getting underway. I’m sitting directly behind the Naughty Dog team!

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  1. kerrell says:

    That was awesome. Man I am so excited for Batman,The Order:1886 and Uncharted. Also Until Dawn looks cool. I love these PlayStation conferences