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STAR WARS’ Tribute to Carrie Fisher is Strong with the Feels

STAR WARS’ Tribute to Carrie Fisher is Strong with the Feels

Few women have proven themselves to be as hilariously capable as Princess-turned-General Leia Organa and her IRL counterpart, Carrie Fisher. We’re still not over the late icon’s passing last year, and—understandably—neither is anyone in that galaxy far, far away. So it makes sense that, to honor her years in the franchise that changed science fiction storytelling forever, Star Wars would pay tribute to Fisher during their annual Celebration event.

And if you hadn’t figured it out by now: the feels are strong with this one.

In a video that debuted on Thursday at Star Wars Celebration Orlando, Fisher’s iconic legacy as the finest of Star Wars royalty/democratic governance this (or any other) was lovingly detailed via anecdotes from her friends and colleagues, including members of the Original Trilogy and the new guard. True to form, Fisher’s tribute video features tons of commentary about her wit, intelligence, and huge heart—and it also features a heck of a lot of frivolity from one of the funniest women to have ever been in the business. We could go on and on and on about the un-fillable void Fisher’s passing has left in our hearts, but instead let’s focus on the light and joy she brought to us all.

But don’t just take our word for it—Star Wars did us all a solid and posted the video online for all to see:

What do you think of the tribute? have a favorite Fisher memory of your own? Let us know in the comments below.

Images: Lucasfilm

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And for further tribute to our beloved general:


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