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Car Tunes And Cartoons: Gordon Voidwell Shares Exclusive Summer Mix and Illustration

For our second installment of Car Tunes and Cartoons, the only mix series on the internet that brings you exclusive playlists and original artwork from talented musicians, we proudly present the extra danceable selections of Gordon Voidwell. The Bronx-bred artist specializes in futuristic funk and his godly falsetto would make Prince shed a syrupy purple tear. In the currently scrubbed music video for his rapturous track “1 Trap Mind,” Voidwell soars in his natural element, donning a very loud Cosby sweatshirt, sporting a lopsided fade, and skipping elatedly. This should give you some of idea of the kind of treat you are in for.

So to start summer right, Voidwell has graced us with a mix of some of his favorite boundary pushing artists that are working in the space of R&B/disco/funk, as well as some classic genre forbears (Happy belated 30th birthday, Purple Rain). Get sexy to his extremely funky mix below. And as you listen, feast your eyes on his neon-bordered, Mr. T-inspired illustration and read a few words from the man himself about why A-Team leader is such a personal luminary. Happy summer, nerds!


1. MNEK – “Every Little Word”
2. Shamir – “If It Wasn’t True”
3. Prince – “Purple Music”
4. Dornik – “Something About You”
5. Ben Khan – “Eden”
6. The GTW – “Bleach Pool”
7. Actress – “Always Human”
8. Eddie Ray – “You Are Mine”
9. Colonel Abrams – “Running”
10. Prince – “Extra Loveable”
11. Andre Cymone – “Kelly’s Eyes”
12. Voices of Black – “Modify Love 87”
13. Aaron Livingston – “Goodnight”

Gordon Voidwell on his illustration:

“I chose Mr. T because he is my personal patron saint for complexity. He is super macho, super flamboyant, very playful – but also pretty stern. All in all, Mr. T’s a slippery ass dude and I exalt any individual attempting to be slippery; resist narrow classifications. That’s the point of art. That’s the point of life. This mix is comprised almost entirely of a black male artists – all of them seem to be complicating, confusing and disturbing what it means to be a “black male artist” and for that reason, Mr. T seemed fitting.”

Let us know what you think about our latest edition of Car Tunes and Cartoons in the comments below, and hit us up on twitter @NerdistMusic. Keep your eyes peeled for our third installment early next month! DJs please, pick up your phones, we’re on the request line!

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