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Frank Grillo “Confirms Nothing” About Earlier AVENGERS 4 Comments

UPDATE – 10/29/18

He had to know something like this would happen. Last week, Frank Grillo, who portrayed the character Crossbones in 2014’s Captain America: The Winter Soldier and ever-so briefly in 2016’s Captain America: Civil War, said on a podcast his Marvel character would return for the upcoming Avengers 4, in a brief flashback. However, the actor is now saying he “confirmed nothing.” (via Heroic Hollywood, who initially reported the “fake news.”)

On his Instagram, Grillo said he gets asked “1,000 questions a day” about the character and sometimes he has fun with people. Pretty specific fun. He also said on the initial podcast appearance he was “too old” for Marvel to bring back so he could say whatever he wanted.

Okay. Whatever you say, Frank.

Original Story – 10/25/18

We really shouldn’t be caught off guard by reports of any Captain America character showing up in an MCU movie after Red Skull made a truly shocking return in Infinity War. With all of the secrecy surrounding Avengers 4 though, we’re surprised any actor would come out and tell us we will see their character again. That’s exactly what Frank Grillo, who played Hydra secret agent Brock Rumlow in Winter Soldier, has done. However, we’re not sure whether he’s telling the truth about how he will come back.

In a story we saw at The Hollywood Reporter, Grillo dropped the surprising news during an appearance on the UFC Unfiltered podcast. He said his character, who became the villain Crossbones in Civil War, will appear in Avengers 4. Crossbones was last seen blowing himself up in an attempt to kill Captain America, so will it be a resurrection? “It’s a flashback,” Grillo said, before adding that he can say whatever he wants because he’s too old to ever be in a Marvel movie ever again.

It’s not impossible he’s telling the truth, it’s just that Crossbones was so underutilized it’s hard to imagine him being important enough to appear in the MCU’s biggest film via a flashback. That’s why we think this could be further confirmation the film will involve time travel. This would mean the Avengers go back to when Rumlow was still alive pre-Sokovia Accords.

Although, after both Red Skull and the end of Infinity War, we really shouldn’t be surprised by anything that happens.

What do you think about this news? What does it mean for the movie? Are you glad to see Grillo return? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

Images: Marvel

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