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Captain America’s Best MCU Moments (So Far)

Captain America: The First Avenger wasn’t the first official film in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU), but the 2011 movie did introduce the best MCU character: Steve Rogers, a.k.a. Captain America. Don’t at me. With Chris Evans’ time as Captain America coming to an end after the as yet untitled fourth Avengers movie, it’s the right moment to look back at the best Cap one-liners, gifs, and scene-stealing moments in the films…so far.

“I can do this all day.” Steve was a super human before he became a super soldier. He didn’t tolerate bullying, and despite his skinny frame, he fought back against injustice. This moment in The First Avenger is everything Captain America is about in a nutshell. When Cap said it again in Civil War, I experienced a lot of feels.

Since Steve was a Capsicle for decades, he missed out on a lot of pop culture. References often fly right over his head, but in The Avengers, he got a nod to The Wizard of Oz. So proud of you, Steve.

Remember that time Steve did PSAs.

Well, you can’t blame the whole being frozen in ice thing for Steve misunderstanding some basic lessons about the birds and the bees. Fondue hasn’t been the same since 2011.

I mean, if you have the gumption to order Hulk around…

You can find a lot of impressive action sequences in the MCU, but Captain America’s elevator knockout in Winter Soldier stands out among the dozens as maybe the best and most memorable one.

Steve had to get used to so much after he thawed and emerged into the modern century. But like he points out in The Winter Soldier, one of the positive changes is the oh so helpful internet.

Captain America was born in a different time with different ideas about what is proper. He’s old-fashioned, which is charming as hell when put against Tony Stark’s personality. Steve calling Stark out on his language is the most Cap thing to ever Cap.

Steve Rogers’ Captain America will always stand against bullies—even if they were once his friends. I hope the next Cap can do the same.

What Captain America moments are closest and dearest to your heart? Tell us in the comments or share gifs and quotes with us on Twitter.

Images: Marvel/Disney

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