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Can’t Wait to Buy Your Own Dancing Groot? Make One Like This

Though I will remember many moments from Guardians of the Galaxy, the scene with Groot cutting loose and showing off his dance moves will stick with me the longest. Can you blame me? I can’t think of anything that holds a candle to that level of adorable. While at least one official baby dancing Groot is in the works thanks to Sideshow Collectibles and Hot Toys, the release date isn’t until March of next year. I don’t want to live that long without baby Groot in my life, and neither does YouTuber Patrick Delahanty, so he took it upon himself to make his own dancing sentient tree creature.

Doesn’t that make you want to flail?

I’ve seen several baby Groots pop up around the web, but this is the first one I’ve seen that actually moves to the beat. Delahanty made his Groot from a Movin’ & Groovin’ flower he found on eBay. The flower speakers look like this:

movin and groovin flowers

He left all the wiring in the bottom of the pot intact and just chopped off the daisy. Then it was a matter of covering the stem with felt and twine and sculpting the head. He used Model Magic (a nice air dry clay) and painted it accordingly. Acrylic paints would probably work fine for this. The Movin’ & Groovin’ flowers operate on batteries so Groot will never stop dancing. You could play Jackson 5’s “I Want You Back” on an endless loop or give him some new songs to groove to.


Gif via Imgur

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  1. Rinna says:

    Love this so much and it was killing me to try and find this dancing flower. Lucky for me I found a few and have a few extra.

  2. Asryk says:

    Good luck the oppurtunist have started selling th dancing flower for upwards of 250$

  3. Jimi says: good step by step page. Gust good luck finding the damn flower.

  4. gdkool says:

    we need a step by step tutorial on ebay on how to make one

  5. Michelle says:

    HOW could Marketing have NOT anticipated all the wants for a baby dancing Groot?!? Someone should be fired – they are leaving money on the table!!

    • Deb A says:

      Absolutely!   Love the movie but that was the greatest thing in it!!  Rumor is they are creating one for sale!!

      • Jay says:

        yeah, that’s kinda mentioned here in the article and they’ll be expected to be available in March.

  6. Matt says:

    Here’s apparently the last movin and groovin dancing flower on ebay!! Crazy price $500 but guaranteed someone will pay it considering it’s the only one available. If I had one I’d sell it for $500 too lol

  7. Matt Ostler says:

    I can’t find these anywhere on the internet… its like they don’t even exist.

  8. Shayde says:

    Parts sold out everywhere…

  9. :)) I suggested this to a friend the other day, but with a different flower I found on the net and changing the music.

  10. Taryn Young says:

    Now I am on the hunt for one of those dancing flowers to make my own. Apparently they are not as abundant as I thought they would be. None on ebay. 🙁