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Can Apple Survive #BENDGATE?!

Watergate. Gamergate. Antennagate. History’s had it’s fair share of gate-related scandals, but have any been as trying as the one facing iPhone 6 Plus users today? Ladies and gentleman, prepare yourselves for the harrowing saga of…Bendgate.

Follow Jessica Chobot down the rabbit hole of poorly planned cell phone construction, underwhelming product testing, and mega-competitive phablet wars that led to a crazy new problem for iPhone users. Get those phones out of your skinny jean pockets and check out today’s Nerdist News!

Thanks for watching today’s show, don’t miss a new Dan Cave and the latest Nerdist Presents sketch STA: Superhero Talent Agents, and let us know in the comments below if you think Apple owes the world an iPhone 6 Plus redesign!

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  1. Farsighted99 says:

    This is all nonsense, guys. The iPhone is portable computer that fits in your hand. You’re not going to bend that for fun, are you? Just treat it well and it will be fine. The 6+  is way too big; not sure what Apple was thinking when they designed that. Get the 6, and treat it nice.

  2. Demetrius3d says:

    The iPod 5th Gen models would bend from (presumably) battery heat and internal stresses whether or not you kept it in your pocket.  The aluminum uni-body is a bad design and/or was poorly executed.  And, Apple never owned up to it.  I’ll never buy another Apple product of this design.

  3. alex says:

    its a phone made with latex hahaha. lg and samsung no more needs to worry. apple died with steve jobs or even before 

  4. Richard says:

    With the # of 6 plus phones going through this apple said they wont have a recall at this point. if the % jumps up by so much they would change that around but at this point no recalls. The phone that the 6 plus will bend and the 6 wont really…its a funny show that apple has given us to watch with people losing their minds over this.

  5. Nereus77 says:

    Where’s my popcorn? Where’s my marshmallows? I need to settle down in my comfy chair because Apple’s really shooting themselves in the foot with their iPhone 6, what the hell’s gonna happen next?! 😀 #Bendgate #iOSgate #U2gate

  6. Wow! Bending in the front pocket? My dick does that and that shit is free.

  7. Dan says:

    Overblown story as usual for the phandroids!  Got overblown so media could have a story!  Not sure who in their right mind would try to put a phone that size in their pocket anyway.  I’d buy one tomorrow if I could!  

  8. iPhone user says:

    Good thing bending is usually covered under a standard apple warranty. People have to get over themselves and understand that if you put a thin piece of metal in your pocket and sit on it with over 100 pounds of force, it’s gunna bend… 

  9. Scott says:

    Im sure the families of the victims of that incident really appreciate your absolute lack of sensitivity in this matter. Why not just disrespect those folks by comparing their tragedy to a problem with a phone? The next time you go to comment, please dont be such an insensitive prick.

  10. Scott says:

    Actually, there are three of you… Im curious as to how that works, does m$ have you on eight hour shifts? I hear it’s a great phone, so long as you arent interested in apps…

  11. Once you have that stick surgically removed from your ass, I promise life is going to be a lot more interesting. Also, welcome to teh internetz.

  12. Dan says:

    Your sounding like a phanboi for Windows Phone that no one is buying!  Not sure where you get the Nokia is running circles around the iPhone either, specs laid out on paper isn’t everything.  I work in IT as well and the iOS devices work the best and are the most compatible.  Microsoft completely messing up every other version of Windows is more of big deal than Apple’s hiccups.  Google is just a snake in the grass.  Those photos iCloud got labeled while the folders with the photos I seen had Dropbox files through them that iCloud wouldn’t have backed up and think they came from multiple sources, but since its Apple these days it was all Apple’s iCloud.  Pass off 2 year old technology, tell that to Samsung using a 90s stylus and passing that off as revolutionary.

  13. Nereus77 says:

    Its okay, we’ll all be laughing at you when you next buy a lemon of a phone….

  14. Nereus77 says:

    They bend after 2 days of use. 2 days! What the hell will it look like after 2 years of constant abuse? Bent over backwards?