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Calling All Aspiring Directors: PROJECT GREENLIGHT Wants You (Yes, You)!

Batffleck — ahem, excuse me — Ben Affleck and Matt Damon have done a lot of things in their career, but perhaps none so exciting for wannabe Hollywood creative types than HBO’s Project Greenlight. We told you about it when the series’ reboot was first announced, and now the indomitable duo are raising a call to arms for aspiring directorfolk: here’s your shot, kids!

The duo are looking for all you aspiring Scorsese, Spielberg, and Coppola types to wrangle your best short feature and apply for the chance to make what they’re touting as a seriously Hollywood film. A-list producers, a seriously well-vetted script, and perhaps a bit more money than what’s likely to be afforded by all you GoPro do it yourselfers. Chance, opportunity, creative license! Tell me you’re not already chomping at the bit. (Don’t lie to us, we can tell when you lie.)

Surely there’s more than a few of you who believe you could best the work of previous auteurs the series has seen, right? Who knows, maybe your work will even launch the career of some Shia LaBeouf or Emile Hirsch type, like its other winners have done. To wield that sort of power, you guys, and potentially make quite a splashy name for yourself: imagine it! Now do it.

What sort of film would you like to make, were you competing for the chance? Or if you are going to take a chance, post your short in the comments below! It’ll be fun for everyone, we promise.

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  1. Jordan V says:

    This is a little over the time limit, but it was just released today! From first time director Joseph Ruggieri

  2. Hi! This sounds great – is it open to international applicants (I’m from Australia)? How do we enter?

  3. STF says:

    Champing. The idiom is champing at the bit, not chomping.