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Building A Nice Gaming PC With AMD

We officially launched our Twitch TV channel last week, but not before putting together an awesome rig to serve as a foundation on our journey into the land of immense Kappa and emotes. We needed a PC that could handle all the awesome streaming we have planned without compromising the ability to play video games in true HD glory.

Luckily for us, our pals at AMD came by to help us build a powerful machine, and we thought it’d be pretty cool to share the manufacturing processing with everyone. Watch Robert Hallock as he gives us the breakdown on the items we’re using to make a powerful rig, and finally make our evolution into gaming’s “master race” in the video above.

We’d like to issue a special thanks to Robert Hallock and AMD for coming down and assisting us in putting this beast together. Also, another shout out to everyone who has come by to hang out with us on Twitch TV.

Does our new PC look ready to take on the task of 24-hour long streams and 4K gaming? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. BiggYinn says:

    Hmmmm having built systems for decades i would call this an INTEL build… X79 platform so title is misleading… 0/10 for accuracy and 2/10 for cable managment …not to mention i hate sponcership type builds …as not true to life 

  2. daniel says:

    esta increíble esta plataforma  quiero una a si pero antes que nada en cuanto sale el chistecito  en pesos Mexicanos

  3. Brian Krzanich says:

    Why is this an Intel platform?

  4. Patrick says:


  5. Brad says:

    ….seriously? That cable management job…The guy should be fired for making that build with the cables be absolutely everywhere -_-

  6. Drew Timmins says:

    anyone else notice the x79 intel platform?

  7. masood says:


  8. Holy cow, that’s a lot of expensive gear.

  9. Love the build but do you have a parts list available so a builder at home can build the same rig?