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Bruce Wayne Needs A Ride: The New “Dark Knight Rises” Trailer


“Do you think he’s coming back?”


Here’s the new trailer for The Dark Knight Rises, posted online by Nokia. You get a lot of things going boom, some glimpses of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman, and a few laughs at the end when Bruce Wayne encounters a little trouble at the parking valet. And Bane, “Gotham’s reckoning.” Good thing Batman’s not afraid, he’s angry.

July 20th. Whaddya think? Where do you rank this against the other Summer blockbusters in terms of anticipation? If you’re not already queuing up, that is.

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  1. ALpha EXray says:

    The wife and I both have tickets to the Batman Marathon on the 19th. A day after they went on sale here they sold out. Gonna have to get there at least an hour early just to snag good seats. I’m looking forward to the film, more than any other this year, but extremely disappointed that it’s the last one. Why do filmmakers feel like trilogies are the best way to go?

  2. Nich Hustler says:


  3. To the Max! says:

    Already bought my midnight imax ticket, which is great because it is assigned seating.

  4. Already bought my ticket! Some theaters are running a Nolan Batman marathon: Batman Begins, The Dark Knight, followed by the Dark Knight Rises at midnight. I’m really looking forward to it.

    They offered a similar thing when the Avengers came out: Four prequel movies, followed by the premier at midnight. I would have gone to that, too, but I had tickets to watch these three funny nerdboys at the Wilbur Theater in Boston…