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With apologies to the fine folks behind Dos Equis beer, the real “Most Interesting Man in the World” is Bruce Campbell. With Sam Raimi’s eagerly awaited Ash vs. Evil Dead finally debuting on October 31st (Halloween, kids!), fan love for Campbell is at an all-time high. So expect “The Chin” to be in extremely good spirits when he hosts his second annual Bruce Campbell Horror Film Festival, on August 20th through 23rd at the Muvico Theater in Rosemont, Illinois. Presented by Wizard World, programmed by The Awesome Fest, and held in conjunction with Wizard World Chicago, the event will offer film premieres, special guests, and enough mayhem to jolt even the most jaded of fright-film fans. As Campbell himself says in the event’s latest press release: “You can have your rom-coms, your indie darlings and your blockbusters. I’ll take a good old-fashioned horror movie any day or night of the week!”

Highlights of the four-day extravaganza include an opening night presentation of the anthology film Tales of Halloween– featuring new shorts from directors like Neil Marshall, Darren Lynn Bousman, and Lucky McKee, and starring such folks as Lin Shaye, Adrienne Barbeau, Greg Grunburg, and Lisa Marie– along with the U.S. premieres of Contracted: Phase 2, The Pack, and Bunny the Killer Thing. Attendees will also have an opportunity to attend a thirtieth anniversary screening of Fright Night with writer/director Tom Holland in attendance, feast on a “cannibal brunch” of breakfast meats followed by a 35mm screening of Cannibal Holocaust introduced by Eli Roth, and take part in a discussion with Cambell after a screening of his own cult fave Bubba Ho-Tep. Director Jason Krawczyk’s acclaimed He Never Died, starring Henry Rollins, closes the event in style.

For the Bruce Campbell Film Festival’s full schedule, and to purchase tickets, check out Stay groovy, my friends.

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