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Bruce Campbell and the Cast of ASH VS EVIL DEAD Joined Us to Talk Season Three

With Ash vs Evil Dead coming back to Starz for its third season later this month, we wanted to do something special to get ready. But instead we did something amazing! We had Bruce Freaking Campbell himself and the rest of the cast join us in studio for today’s incredible episode of Nerdist News Talks Back.

Host Jessica Chobot and Andrew Bowser welcomed the legendary Bruce Campbell along with his co-stars Lindsay Farris, Ray Santiago, Dana DeLorenzo, and Arielle Carver-O’Neill on today’s show to talk about what we can expect from season three. How would they describe this year in one word (or two when you’re the show’s star)? What did Bruce mean when he told us “nothing will ever be the same” after this year? And who is this year’s standout demon or deadite? Will it literally be “the mother of all demons?” That’s an interesting phrase for a season where Ash finds out he’s a dad…

We also wanted to know why they think people relate to an unusual hero like Ash, who Bruce definitely undersold when he described himself as “the average man who has to be tested by evil every so often?” But we also had plenty of less important, yet very important questions, like how often do they get covered in blood on set? “I got a blood cannon eight time in ten episodes,” said poor Arielle Carver-O’Neill, before Bruce explained to us the finer points of blood cannon nozzle settings. (Who knew?)

We also wanted to know about the Knights of Sumeria and what they want. And how will Ash respond to finding out he’s a father? How will all of that connect to what Dana Delorenzo said are the two main things the season is about: “destiny” and “family bound by blood.” (No wonder they need the cannons.)

They also told us how the show will continues to build off of the movies and what kind of Easter eggs we can expect (get ready for Ash’s dad to return!), and Ray Santiago hinted at some smooching Pablo will be doing this year, though we’re more excited by Dana’s announcement that “body parts definitely touch this season.”

But if all of that has you hyped, wait until you hear Bruce throw some serious horror television show shade at The Walking Dead before telling us that this year Ash will meet the one enemy he can’t defeat. Who could she be and what makes her so dangerous to him? Why does that make Bruce angry about the Millennium Falcon?

When Andrew wasn’t busy asking Bruce about meth (in fairness, it made total sense in context), we had plenty more questions about the upcoming season though, which Dana and Ray said somehow manages to outdo last season’s head-up-the-ass/hanging-dong zombie scene. How will it be possible to top that?

And of course we asked the most important question of them all: what power tool would you want as a hand? (We’re still debating if Bruce’s “a fist on a very tightly wound spring” counts as a power tool though.)

Today was the perfect reminder why you should always tune into Nerdist News Talks Back every weekday when the show airs live at 1:00 p.m. PT on our YouTube and Alpha channels. Because where else can you join in on our conversation with Bruce Freaking Campbell without having to worry about getting drenched with fake blood?

But we still want to hear your thoughts on today’s show, so talk back to us about it in the comments below.



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