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Broadway Will Put on a Live-Streamed Show

Getting to New York to see a show on Broadway can be tough for a lot of us, and even though a lot of Broadway shows go on national tour, there’s something magical about seeing a production on Broadway itself. While I can’t offer you the funds to get to the Big Apple and visit the Great White Way, I do have some good news. For the first time ever, a Broadway show is going to be live streamed for any interested theater lover to watch from the comfort of his or her own home.

Before you freak out, no, the show that’s being live streamed isn’t Hamilton. But this is still awesome news because the Tony-nominated show that is getting Broadway’s inaugural live-stream treatment is a musical starring Zachary Levi, Jane Krakowski, and Laura Benanti called She Loves Me. If you didn’t watch the Tonys this year to learn more about the show, think You’ve Got Mail set in the ’30s with musical numbers.

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If you’re interested in checking out the livestream, you can head to to join in on Broadway history for $9.99. Of course if you aren’t able to tune in to the live stream, the show will be available for purchase later. As the Verge reports, this is just another move in a long line of efforts to make Broadway more accessible to the general public, along with Hamilton‘s $10 lottery tickets/$10 tickets for 20,000 students to see to the smash hit and the Lincoln Center offering student discounts. As a hardcore theater geek myself, I’m thrilled at the ways the main hub of American theater is working to get more people in the door in New York, as well as reach outside of the city to bring Broadway straight into the homes of theater lovers nationwide.

If you’d like to see She Loves Me live, you don’t have a lot of time to wait, because the show closes on July 10. Of course with this new live stream, for once a Broadway show will be able to live on long after the lights go down onstage.

Are you interested in seeing She Loves Me? What show do you hope they live stream next? Do you hope more shows offer live streams of their performances, or do you think theater is best enjoyed live? Tell me all your wonderful theater thoughts in the comments!

Images: Roundabout Theatre Company

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