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Breaking Westerosi News: We’ve Finally Found Gendry (Sorta)!

The fourth* season of Game of Thrones left us with many a question, but none so concerning to us as that of the fate of one of our favorite Westerosi bastards, Gendry. He of the Baratheon bloodline, so young and virile and handsome and… stuff. Where was he? We hadn’t seen him at all this season: what gives? What happened after the Onion Knight Ser Davos shipped the lad off to sea? With nothing but the clothes on his back, the dream of a life less terrifying, and the oars in his hands? Where did he go? GENDRY WHERE DID YOU GO?!

Well, we finally have our answer thanks to the actor formally known as Joe Dempsie (he’s forever the bastard Gendry in our hearts) and this highly informative tweet:


So there you have it, folks. Mystery hilariously solved. (Sorta.) Well played, Mr. Dempsie, well played. Although we’re curious where the heck in the Realm you are if you’ve been rowing for, what, a year? Forget Westeros and Essos (and probably even Sothoryos) — we bet he’s likely discovered Ulthos at this point. Has our wee Gendry gone from bastard boy to George R.R. Martin’s version of Columbus? Only time will tell.

Let’s play a game: where in the world do you think Gendry is, and what is he off doing? Leave your speculation in the comments.

* Wooooooooops OK sorry we wrote “fifth season” instead of fourth. Call it wishful thinking. (…Unless we actually went into the future on the TARDIS and saw it all already…wouldn’t YOU like to know?)

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  1. bernard says:

    D&D aren’t following the books so it’s anyone’s guess.  If you like the show, PLEASE check out the books.  The books are a million times better than the watered-down HBO version of Westeros. 

    • Sherry says:

      I really like both…but I do not like the readers for being so stuck up about reading the books. Some people just don’t get as much pleasure out of reading like others, and that should be respected. Just let them have fun watching. I think it is great, that readers and none readers can enjoy the story, and both is really great. Most movies don’t turn out as good as the books, and I started with the TV show…but…I just cannot wait 9 month for them to tell me what will happen, so I am enjoying the books right now. And hate me if you want…but I am not sure if I would have finished the books (hard to keep up with names etc.) if I had not known what great storylines awaited me.  🙂

    • Matt says:

      Know what I like about the show?  Not having to read.

  2. D says:

    I’m hoping that he is off to claim his birth right as the once and future king of the west, and to reunite the remaining Starks.  But I guess some of the folks who have read further along in the books than I have (thanks for announcing “spoilers” by the way – bastards!!!), that may not be the case after all….  I guess only time will tell….

  3. Great. Now, where’s Rickon?

  4. Mark Boyer says:

    I think he’s going to show up in Braavos, where a certain Stark girl is headed.  I think GoT is going to end with him as King, and Arya his Queen (the character least interested in playing the Game of Thrones)…

  5. yale says:

    Going to dagobah system, to become a jedi knight

  6. He rowed into my heart and it is there he will stay…until maybe next season

  7. mpcuniverse says:

    Doom of Valyria

  8. elSpanielo says:

    I believe we will see him meet up with Brienne in the Riverlands. That’s when Pod leaves her for Gendry and they both go meet up with Hot Pie and start their own brothel. At least that’s what happened in the books. Who knows what D&D will change!

  9. He’s going to join up with Arya & become the Bull-Headed Bastard of Braavos!

  10. It would be hilarious if they made Gendry like the Hamsterball in Malcom in the Middle and no matter where in the world you were if there was a scene with water in the background you’d see Gendry aimlessly rowing there while there was intense drama in the foreground.

  11. AcidBaseGum says:

    Don’t you mean the 4th Season (not the 5th season)?

  12. Brad says:

    Need to change fifth season to fourth season.

  13. Mia says:

    Braavos to seek Arya?  

  14. reshansowner says:

    I would love it if he got lost and picked up by a Bravos ship, then runs into Arya in the next season!

  15. Al S. says:

    I’m hoping he accidentally rowed to King’s Landing, and is currently hiding out in the sewers beneath the city ‘Ninja Turtles style’.