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BREAKING BAD’s Los Pollos Hermanos Could Soon Be A Reality

“Los Pollos Hermanos, where something delicious is always cooking.”

Los Pollos Hermanos, the fictional chicken restaurant owned by Gus Fring as a front for his meth operation AMC’s award-winning series Breaking Bad, may soon be a reality. In a Reddit AMA where all opinions are presented freely and without judgement (nope), Vince Gilligan creator of AMC’s Breaking Bad dove in headfirst and answered questions from fans about the show.

One of the most interesting queries to pop up was whether there was any thought given to bringing Los Pollos Hermanos to life as a real restaurant. Gilligan answered:

“Believe it or not… there is talk of a Pollos Hermanos becoming a real restaurant. This is not an idea that I generated personally. But it’s one that’s been presented to me, through the good folks at Sony, and the idea came to them from a businessman who has an interest in doing just that. Speaking for myself, I’d love to see that happen!”

There you have it; there may be delicious fried chicken slow cooked to perfection in the future. For now, fans have taken it upon themselves to recreate their own homages to the chicken shack. Proving you can find anything online, you can buy Los Pollos Hermanos take-out bags, fry batter buckets and even ready to use chicken seasoning. “One taste, and you’ll know.”

Los Pollos Hermanos chicken by Geek Plate -05022015

Food blogger Geek Plate took it upon themselves to recreate Los Pollos Hermanos signature chicken dish with a delicious blend of buttermilk and sriracha as the starring ingredients.

Breaking Bad Cupcake by Semi Sweet Mike-05022015

Even if a restaurant is a front for a drug ring, a proper meal wouldn’t be complete without dessert. Baker Semi-Sweet Mike came up with a Los Pollos Hermanos cupcake recipe filled with what else? Blue candy Meth. Talk about entrepreneurial.

With all these ideas, the future Los Pollos Hermanos has a lot of inspiration. Without all the meth, of course.

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