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BORDERLANDS Creators Announce New First-Person Arena Shooter, BATTLEBORN

Finally, we find out what Gearbox Software has been up to while 2K Games Australia has been taking the helm on Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel: the brilliant minds behind bonerFarts are bringing us a brand new IP by the name of Battleborn. The game borrows themes from multiplayer online battle arena games (or MOBA for short), though Gearbox is not too keen on that term. It will release in the spring of 2016 on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

The game is being referred t as a “hero shooter,” with MOBA-like elements similar to those of League of Legends, SMITE and Dota 2. Battleborn will pit 5 players against 5 others in strategic, fast-paced, lane-based gameplay.

Here’s the official teaser trailer that was released with the announcement today:

Oh, snap! Is it just me, or was this teaser trailer was pretty frickin’ amazing? It looks like Gearbox is definitely taking a more cartoony route in terms of art style, which is something what you’ll see across most of the current MOBA market. You have to wonder what playing an ARAM match will be like with the perspective being flipped to first-person though…

How well do you think Gearbox will fit into the battle arena genre? Jungle on down and gank the comments sections with your thoughts right meow!

[HT: Game Informer]

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  1. OffRezWolf says:

    It looks like DOTA had a ménage a trois with Wildstar (hardcore) and Team Fortress. It looks pretty awesome! I am not a huge fan of PvP though, I hope there is a solid co-op campaign.