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Book Review: GEEK GIRLS UNITE by Leslie Simon

Labor Day has passed, summer is over and it’s time for back to school. I remember being a young little geek girl myself, complete with a love for cinema and comedy, bespectacled and a little confused. Back to school time always filled me with excitement for a new beginning but also make me a little nervous at the idea of mingling with a school full of kids that might not be able to talk Buffy and Steven Spielberg. I wish I had a book like Geek Girls Unite: How Fangirls, Bookworms, Indie Chicks, and Other Misfits Are Taking Over The World when I was in school to show me a world of fellow geek girls and let me know that there were plenty of ladies out there just like me!

Written by Leslie Simon and filled with quotes from the likes of J.K. Rowling, Bonnie Burton, Nora Ephron, and geek girls across the world and throughout history, Geek Girls Unite breaks down geekdom into different facets. Are you a music geek? A literary geek? A domestic goddess or film geek? I was also thrilled to find a whole section dedicated to funny-girl geeks and many more underrepresented parts of lady geekdom in this book.


In the introduction, Simon welcomes you to the Geek Girl Guild or the GGG, represented by a sorority paddle adorned with the appropriate Greek letters. GGG is described by Simon as a way to connect with her “long-lost, like-minded sisters.” Also featured in Geek Girls Unite are fun quizzes, lists of other geek girls in that same section of geekdom, and required reading/listening/watching, etc for any geek girl worth her salt.

All in all, Geek Girls Unite is a wonderful introduction to a way to expand any young geek girls horizons and learn more about the thing she already loves. Whether you’re all about fashion, athletics, tech or politics, Geek Girls Unite invites you to let your geek flag fly and celebrate your passions with other gals just like you!

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  1. Cin Rule says:

    Leslie, I’m going to get your book for my daughter. She’s an amazing almost 13 year old who sometimes feels a little awkward and is trying to find her place in the world. I tell her all the time that she’s awesome and to be proud of her who she and all that she loves. Perhaps hearing it from someone other than her mother will help her to embrace her geek girl side.

  2. Leslie Simon says:

    I’m totally about to cry tears of joy from all this #geeklove. It’s been three years since I birthed this 256-page tome, and it warms my cold, black heart that people still want to read it!

  3. This looks awesome!  I’m a teacher and I’m always looking for ways to help encourage kids, especially those on the fringes, and to combat bu’lying.  I’m looking forward to picking this up!