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Bond Meets Mira and More (Not Moore): The Week In Podcasts

You didn’t listen to every single podcast on the Nerdist Podcast Network this week? SHAME ON YOU. Whatever might be your excuse? Because… what? Did I listen? Um. Well, I have a great reason, and it explains my absence for the last couple of weeks: I’ve been overseas (plenty of photographic evidence on Twitter and Instagram) and I wasn’t able to keep up while I was out. No, really, that’s both my excuse and the truth (those don’t always align). So we’re going to catch up together, and it should be a lot of fun, because we had great shows like:

*Craig. Daniel Craig. On the Nerdist Podcast. Matt Mira’s head must have exploded. There’s talk about being Bond, the prospect of not being Bond anymore, and plenty more.

*Our own Matt Mira on Pop My Culture as well for more Bond talk, and the subtle comic charms of Goldmember, working the Genius Bar, and ’80s music.

*Frank Spotnitz on Nerdist Writers Panel talking about adapting The Man in the High Castle for Amazon Prime Video, and, naturally, working on The X-Files.

*Justin Theroux on the Nerdist Podcast to talk about The Leftovers, co-writing Tropic Thunder, and a lot more. Yes, he talks about his wife and being tabloid fodder, too.

*Comedian, Last Week Tonight with John Oliver writer, co-author of the Modern Seinfeld parody Twitter account Josh Gondelman on You Made It Weird, making things crispy with Pete and talking about his new book You Blew It.

*Evan Peters on the Nerdist Podcast, chatting with Chris and Matt about being Quicksilver in X-Men and his part in the weirdness that is American Horror Story.

*Kevin and Steve doing another list of 10 Things They Hate on Chewin’ It, which I really should put high up on my list because they go after airline seating, which was an issue on the last leg of my flight, which was packed and uncomfortable because people were racing to get out of Denver before a storm. Also, Reggie Miller and Ron Jeremy were on the flight. Not together. What?

*Bowser and Jessica back together for Bizarre States, which featured yet more backyard news as well as facts about the Black Knight satellite, that thing from an alien culture that may or may not be orbiting Earth.

*Talk about DC’s The Darkseid War on Comic Book Club, still looking for a permanent new home and crashing on Justin’s couch this week, because, as Myron Cohen (Google him) once said, everybody gotta be someplace.

*Carla Cackowski on The JV Club in a mashup with her new improv podcast Improv Yak.

*Trainer Tanja Djelevic on Pro You in the first of a three-episode run of female guests.

*Jeff Wattenhofer on Terrified, comparing notes with Dave about the terrors of a stand-up career.

*The Latin Music episode remixed on The Legacy Music Hour Mixtape

*Megan Neuringer back for more food on Dining with Doug and Karen. And Karen and her son Spencer did the cooking, so that’s kind of interesting.

*Charlene Mae back on the couch for Cash Withdrawal.

And where will you find all of this rich creamy goodness in a convenient single package? Why, the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and Facebook page, of course. I’ll see you there, listening to all of it. Hey, that’s a good way to spend a weekend….

Oh, and thanks to Katie Levine and Aristotle Acevedo for assuming some of my usual duties while I ate my way across Italy. Give ’em a round of applause, please.

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