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Boba Fett Being Eaten By the Sarlacc Makes for an Interesting Coffee Table

Some people fear heights. Some people fear flying. Some people fear clowns.

I fear the sarlacc.

And my fear of falling into that pit is an irrational one. One I’ve had since the first time I ever saw Return of the Jedi

Which means that this coffee table depicting Boba Fett being swallowed up by Tatooine’s infamous cavern monster, no matter how expertly made and designed it may be, is my actual home goods nightmare. Because when I’m trying to enjoy a cup of blue bantha milk, I don’t want to be thinking that if I accidentally shatter the glass tabletop and fall in that I’ll be digested for a thousand years.

We came across this unique piece of Star Wars inspired furniture at Foodiggity, and it is the work of Tom Spina Designs. This isn’t their first nerdy coffee table, either. Heck, it’s not even their first Star Wars one—they also made a Millennium Falcon table, a Wampa cave one, as well as a much subtler Boba Fett themed one. But it might be the coolest. At the very least it’s the gnarliest.

It was custom made for use in a home theater, so don’t expect to see these start popping up in your local furniture stores (just in my nightmares).

Sure, the canon may have been retconned to a history in which Boba Fett escaped. But as far as I’m concerned, this is the last, desperate, and failed attempt by the famed Mandalorian armor-clad bounty hunter before being devoured for good.

And if that doesn’t scream home comfort I don’t know what does. (Except for me, that is. This would just make me scream in the comfort of my own home.)

Would you want to have this very cool piece in your own home? Tell us why in the comments below.

Images: Tom Spina Designs

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